October 23, 2007

Hi. An introduction. My name is Emily 129-2984_img.jpg

and this is Filly.

Filly started kinda accidentally. I had dropped out of law school and was working as a bicycle messenger in my home town of Santa Cruz, California. One afternoon I made a pair of overalls on my partner’s old Kenmore and they worked! They were cute, and wearable, and easy! .. and something clicked. I went back to school to study fashion at the California College of Arts and Crafts. My senior year I left school to start Filly.
Filly is a line of women’s clothing locally produced in small batch runs. I design a print for each season and use American-milled and sustainable fabrics whenever possible. The manufacturer and screenprinter are within 45  minutes of my home base in Santa Cruz. This is a one-woman company making good clothes for good women; clothes designed to be flattering to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, to be wearable and durable, to be odd in the good way.
But Filly is also something more. It is the way I feel when I am designing and pattern-making and sewing. I feel purposeful, sexy, peaceful. I like the way I move and pull the fabric. I like lifting and setting down and using tools and watching my hands move, without thought, around the sewing machine. I like the scratch of pencil in my workbook. I want women wearing Filly to feel the same. Comfortable in their own skin. Loving of their own skin.

One Response to “Hello”

  1. Lisa Hoffmeister` said

    You go for girl! I know what it is like to sacrifice for your dreams but if your life partner doesn’t agree to be by your side when pursuing them then the sacrafice is necessary although painful. We have only one life as far as we know …. so follow your bliss. Your son will thank you and I admire you.

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