Spring Joy

February 28, 2008

phew! I feel so much better- and all it took was a rainy winter in Portland. Actually it was just the other day that I realized my resting emotion was melancholy- I wake-up with a heavy sigh. And I thought, what if I try to have contentment be my resting emotion- just willfully change my life alignment. And I have to say that it is working. It also helps that it has been absolutely beautiful for the entire month of February and that the towering conifer above my home is filled to the brim with radiant robins singing and getting drunk on little red berries from the holly trees. But oh my, I am happy.

So- an update on Filly- Spring 08 is here. I am heading down to Santa Cruz this weekend to ship it. I really like this collection. It reminds me of the month I spent in Missoula, MT designing it. It was May and Nat, my sister, was due to give birth mid-month. I packed up my Mom’s heinous white van without any windows and drove there with my entire studio. Set up shop on the back porch and made dresses. A screened-in back porch with cream walls and a steel blue wood floor. It was hot and feminine. My sister with her new born daughter Echo on her shoulder.


One Response to “Spring Joy”

  1. […] Shop.Filly page. These pieces are actually from an older collection that I designed during a very joyful time of my life. It was summer time in Missoula, Montanna and I was staying at the house next door to my sister. […]

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