Santa Cruz, ahhh

March 29, 2008

Santa Cruz. Despite the fact that this city has its priorities all messed up: people don’t stop their cars for you to cross the street, off-leash dogs are enemy number one, houses are waay too expensive, bicyclists bitch out fellow bicyclists, community gardens are taken over by the Seaside Company, open spaces are being filled in, the dog beach is closed, and the population seems generally kinda stressed out- despite all of this- I love it here. I love my friends. I love my duck Piglet. I love the air on my skin here. I love riding in the hills and doing PedEx routes, I love running into my oldest friend Leila at the Farmer’s Market, I love spending time with a certain bike builder, I love having my entire extended family around me- including my nephew Seiji, just 7 weeks. This is my home.

I am here to ship Spring 08 (in stores now!) and shoot the catalog for Holiday 08. But it has been almost a month and my friends in Portland are starting to wonder if I’m actually coming back.

Illegal Throwing of Ball for Dogs at the San Lorenzo River



One Response to “Santa Cruz, ahhh”

  1. Elaina said

    It was good to see you. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my new filly stuff. Take care, Beautiful.

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