Friday Evening

May 31, 2008

Yes, this is Portland. Friday evening after work I decided Bello needed some swimming. The Columbia, although polluted and trafficked by jet skis and motor boats, is still quite wonderful. It is still a body of water, still makes the right sounds, smells good, attracts birds, and allows brown dogs to fetch sticks and dig for hours. Across the way Washington is manicured and quaint compared to the industrialized Oregon side on which I sit. This spot is like riding to Capitola on flat ground for all those Santa Cruz readers so it is a mild trek with Bello on the longhaul but on the way home I got in the evening riding groove and a novice roadie drafted off me.



May 30, 2008

I dropped out of school at CCAC a year early. And so instead of a senior year fashion show in the city in front of hundreds with a DJ and national press, I staged an event at home. This was my first public collection- mattress ticking, brown velvet, and a transparent print that I found at the Bargain Barn. The model in the pictured was walking down the street and I happened to be out front watering and asked her to walk for me. Turned out she was a high paid and quite famous model working in Japan. She was home in the states for a bit and gladly participated. The event was free and so many people turned out, sitting in the hay with the chickens and dogs. Drinking beer and dancing afterward. And although it was short (when you show only six outfits it all goes by in about 5 minutes), I felt that I had officially “started” on this career.

That catwalk, which Josh and I built the day before with wood from the dump, has become a fixture in the yard and a sunny place for eating, reading, dancing, and chicken shit.


May 27, 2008

(double click to see a big version)

My sister is a graphic designer and she is really good. Not only does she understand the basic nuts and bolts of computer design, she creates terribly beautiful imagery with her unique sense of color and proportion. She designed my webpage and all my catalogs. This is a drawing of all the people she thought of while she was drawing it. My dad has a red bird on his shoulder. The woman in the green skirt on the far left is Kenya, whom I live with now. Josh and Soupy.

Her company is called Pebble and you can contact her here:

Missoula, ahhh

May 25, 2008

Nat and Echo

I just got back to Portland from Missoula, Mt. My family has the crazy opportunity to house-sit the house next door to my sister every year, for a month. And this month happens to coincide with my niece Echo’s birthday which makes the arrangement that much more phenomenal. While I was there Echo began to understand so many new things about the world. On my last day she learned how to sit on a ledge- how to turn her body around and back up on to the curb, happily kicking her legs upon landing. She is a subtle, hilarious, breathtakingly beautiful little human. My feelings for her and my sister, whom I would describe in similar terms, are almost too much to bear this morning. Although it seems that many things are too much to bear these days.

Sewing Shoulders

May 21, 2008

Is anyone in NE Portland interested in trading dresses for yoga? I am beginning to intermediate.

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