Fashion Work

June 6, 2008

In studio. Thursday evening. All week I have been waiting for fabric to arrive before I can officially get started designing spring 09. Doing a little in-the-meantime puttering. Everybody else has gone home so Bob Marley is turned way up.

Currently I am collecting on fall and holiday 07, retailing spring 08, manufacturing fall 08, promoting holiday 08, and designing spring 09. Not sure this is what I imagined the life of a fashion designer to be. A lot to keep on track.


4 Responses to “Fashion Work”

  1. Urmila Venkatesh said

    I just googlestalked you and natalie and found you- thank god for the internet! the tubes! it looks like you and nat are doing absolutely amazing amazing work, making beautiful clothes, babies, etc! i’m so happy to have a glimpse of you again. you made my life so good. i just told someone yesterday about traveling with you and nat in italy in 1997 or whenever it was- one of the greatest memories i’ll ever have. i love you lots. if you want to drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing, i’d be honored. the same to natalie, of course. i’m so glad to have discovered you two. i’m not suprised at how talented and amazing you still are.
    love, urmila

  2. tracy said

    i discovered you thru butterscotch (blog).
    i’m in love with your spring 08 collection!
    and how you staged your own show in your yard.

    i’d love you feature some of your designs on my blog…
    just drop me a comment or email.

  3. Emily said

    Hi Tracey- thanks for dropping me a line. I would love to be featured on your blog. Give me the address and I will check it out.

  4. Kathleen said

    Just found you after going through some old google alerts. You have interesting energy and I’m curious to see where you go with it. And yes, most of a designer’s job is not fun. Just one reason I prefer patternmaking.

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