Certain Bike Builder

July 4, 2008


Those that know me also know there are so many things I could say about Josh… so I will limit this post to a description of his well-honed skills as a frame builder. He started a little frame company called Frances Cycles (named after his mom) which he operates out of his backyard workshop. He makes these amazing bicycles that are really very artistic with curved seat stays and personal details such as custom head badges and seat cluster cut-outs. And he does all of this without big machinery- hand-built wooden jigs for bending tubes, an architect’s drawing table for mapping it all out, files. He truly loves bicycles and this appreciation comes out in the painstaking way he assembles each one. His bicycles are individuals. But don’t get the impression that these are shiny, prissy, look-like-they-live in a gallery bicycles-these are hardy rides, tested off road in the wilds of North Coast Santa Cruz. He is currently offering fixed gears, city bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, touring bikes, and cargo bikes for carrying your dog around town. I have a gorgeous little yellow city bike that is so precious to me I actually keep it inside my airstream trailer.

When my sister first met Josh it was during a Bike-To-Work bicycle art show in which a number of his prints were featured. She was looking at a red and yellow print with the words: “BICYCLE therein lies salvation” along the bottom and she turned to me with a concerned expression and said “He really likes bikes.” http://www.francescycles.com.


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  1. Cool stuff! Great blog! and good reading!

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