October 14, 2008

Oh man, the house god is so kind to me. I have stumbled upon the best situation I could have hoped for. Old house, wood floors, working fireplace, pastel hued walls, big rooms, great landlords, and I get to occupy the house for awhile before anyone else moves in with me. There is even a collection of cast iron skillets to use! I feel, finally, at home.

So if anyone wants to come for a visit… I will have a cozy, crafty, warm home in Portland at the ready.


Actually Mine

October 10, 2008

I just described Bello as content to just lay at my feet covered in fabric and spare threads and then I remembered I had this picture- I think he has lost weight since this shot. Or maybe it is just the angle.

Looking for housing… put good thoughts out there for me! A great old house with good people, wood floors, cozy, and right.


October 4, 2008

Oh my girls. I miss you.

I began a conversation with a beautiful woman in my local coop the other day. She had moved here from San Francisco a year before and I asked if she missed the life she left behind. And she said Yes! that she and her husband experience that heart-wrenching reality all the time but that she still does not regret having left. We cannot have it all. To chose one is to let go of another. Sigh and love your life.

It feels really good to be here in Portland and I have felt a positive shift in my being since making the decision to stay. Still, all it takes is thinking of one of the zillion wonderful aspects of Santa Cruz to break my heart.

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