The Jester

November 30, 2008

john-collage-copy John eating my leftovers: a familiar sight. Although the apron is new- an early x-mas present and now part of his daily wardrobe. Hopefully.

I get to spend time with some amazing people here. Community, you can’t beat it.

Craft Night

November 18, 2008

girlsdancing I host a craft night on Thursday evenings. I wonder how many people actually read this blog and of those few, how many live in Portland. And of those four or five people, how many would want to come over and craft with us? If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will send you an invite.


November 15, 2008


Holiday 08 In Stores Now

November 14, 2008

dream-dress I just shipped Holiday dresses out to stores- and they are really fantastic. Sleek and fancy and sexy. I am thinking of throwing a “holiday party” just so I can wear one. Maybe an “office holiday party” because I really miss out on that type of thing.

It is a good time to support our local boutiques. We are all connected and by patronizing local businesses those people in turn have the money to support us-. I have been making an effort to buy books, art, food, and necessities from the people in my neighborhood and small companies that I like. Give to get.

And everything will be better on January 20th. Go away bad king.

The Sewing Library

November 11, 2008

img_6746 The precursor to sewing- planning: picking which fabrics to use, which silhouettes to focus on, picking which colors to dye the clothes once they are sewn, settling on the overriding feeling of the collection- what is the personality and why is it relevant, and finally, starting. Last night I made a pair of pants, the first piece. Bonnie “Prince” Billy on the radio.

Fall 2009

November 8, 2008

img_6742 So here it goes again. Designing fall 2009 for the next couple of months. Forgive me for being out of touch and even slower to call back.


I don’t remember ever liking America so much.

Long live Barack Obama!

And now we vote…

November 3, 2008

Please vote for this amazing person. And remember to do it on or before THIS TUESDAY. I am having folks over for soup and bread and crafts and radio Tuesday night…. send me to bed with a smile on.

First Night

November 3, 2008

Mattress on the floor, staring up at a new ceiling. I have moved a lot this last year. And this night was by far the most relaxed and comforting. This house is soothing. I love the sounds it makes and the way it smells. I love cooking on the gas stove and sitting at the long dinning room table to eat my meal. I am renting two rooms  one small to sleep in and one big with south facing windows to design in. I like the way the design studio is coming together and I am excited to create Fall 09 in this space. I picked up a large old black wooden table and the floors are painted black. But the furniture is dull white and the walls are dusty apricot. I think the black and red accents against the neutral, muted pastel background will serve me well. Dramatic yet earthy. Severe but grounded in craft. Serious and meaningful.

It is raining here but it is ok, I am looking forward to staying in.

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