Craft Night

November 18, 2008

girlsdancing I host a craft night on Thursday evenings. I wonder how many people actually read this blog and of those few, how many live in Portland. And of those four or five people, how many would want to come over and craft with us? If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will send you an invite.


5 Responses to “Craft Night”

  1. Mahala said

    I would if I lived closer.

  2. pam aries said

    HI!!! Your cuz Mahala who met with our groovy group in Sedona last April…just emailed me with your site!! I just moved her to Portland…I love art and crafty stuff!email me…Where do you live…I am in the NE. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. k a t said


    I bought one of your dresses at Urban Craft Uprising last year in Seattle. Every time I wear it I feel like a beautiful tree, tall and strong. I would love to come to a craft night, but seattle to portland is not as short a trip as I would like. I hope you will return to seattle someday, let us know when you do.

    k a t

  4. emily said

    Hi Pam, leave me your e-mail and I’ll send you an invite for CN this Thursday.

  5. Hi emily, I’m Jane Farrar’s cousin’s wife, she(jane) told us about your blog and I think we are one of those 5 people who live in portland.. we(my husband Jesse and I) consider ourselves crafty and the idea of getting together with other people sounded really attractive. We just move to portland, 3 months ago, when our baby Indigo was 1 month old… I would love to know where you get together, I live in NE on 60th and glisan.

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