Beginnings and Ends

December 20, 2008

img_6833 I finished my fall 2009 collection today. It snowed. And I leave for Santa Cruz tomorrow.


December 16, 2008

bob-marley-in04 I’m just saying.

The Baker

December 9, 2008

128-2873_img My new housemate, all the way from Santa Cruz, California!…., give a big Portland welcome to Sarah Baker!!!!! Whooooo.

Sarah is my beloved assistant and muse from back home. She is moving here to apprentice with me and to rent my spare room. Here she is modeling a dress from my first ever official Filly collection- the San Lorenzo River Dress from Spring 06.

Every Detail

December 7, 2008

plaid-man He really likes being him. And I can see why. Kenya said “big is back”- look at the size of that overcoat!

This is Paul Rangel in a parallel universe.

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