January 31, 2009

craft-night-2 Split pea soup. The Roches on the turntable. Fire.

Craft Night. Seventeen of us gathered to sculpt, paint with watercolors, write music, knit, sew, embroider and crochet, scrap-book, re-cut and wind tape, draw, dance, and type a letter to Baba. I looked around and loved what I saw- kind, talented, cute human beings and one brown dog. I should have asked someone to dance during a slow song. Next time.

“Now is the hour of quitting. Twilight paints the town. Old Industrial skyline. How does the sun go down.”- The Roches


little Bangs

January 29, 2009

img_6900 I can see.

All Women House

January 25, 2009


We got these really great arched mirrors at the bins. They compliment the postcard wall very nicely. Good for clothes try-ons, dancing, and primping before leaving the house.

Here we see a typical night in our household: dress-up, nudity, photography, and Billy Bragg on the turn-table.

Craft. Night.

January 24, 2009

craft-night-1-22 Last night’s Craft Night started on an odd note for me. I was gone all day: at the ceramics studio and then hiking with Bello. And I didn’t eat enough food so I ended up tired in a way I could not shake. As people were arriving I slipped upstairs for a nap- at 9pm. I did get up again but I felt like a sleepy kid for the rest of the night.

OK, we sculpted a ceramic man and a pot of whales, invented very tiny music, cut paper-dolls from their pages, looped tapes, practiced photography, knitted, doodled with conviction, wrote letters, and failed at constructing a watch band from wire, turquoise fabric, and and tape.

Multnomah Art Center

January 24, 2009


My ceramics classmates at the Multnomah Art Center.

Topics of conversation generally revolve around health but can branch out to include the superiority of Hillary as a candidate, the possibility of getting Showtime in order to watch The L Word, or the general dislike of “no shoes inside” policy- it’s just not safe! Actually, the woman on the right is my teacher- Victoria. She always wears a beret. And it always looks good.


January 20, 2009

obama-night Homemade burritos to honor and celebrate the new President. It is not often that my life noticeably changes for the better in one day. Joy to the World.

St. Johns

January 19, 2009

dsc_0255 I have a flexible rule with myself that if it is dry and sunny, I have to go for a ride. On Friday I did the loop from NE to the Broadway Bridge, up the NW frontage road to St. Johns bridge and back. On Saturday I road back out to St Johns’ with Bello, a baseball bat, and his tennis ball- He ran so fast! He was on fire!

Craft Night

January 17, 2009

craft-night2 Craft Night is turning out to be really really fun. And because we have it Thursday nights no-matter-what, people have started coming without having to be called or reminded. Let’s see- between the 10 of us we made: a clay sculpture of a woman, a clay sculpture of a man, collages, two fabric elephants, music, paper lanterns, pants were mended, paper dolls were cut out, and … I guess that is it. We danced and drank wiskey. To bed at 3am.


January 17, 2009

carson I just gotta say- Carson is a wonderful man. A wonderful person. Kind, secure, intelligent, calm, talented and a natty dresser.


January 15, 2009

dsc_0054 Sabrina. After a long night.

Sarah and her crew

January 15, 2009

dsc_00731 Sarah and her parents. Atreya and Laura accompanied her to Portland and spent the weekend enriching our lives. No, they really did! I think they cast a magical spell on our house. Everything is sparkly!

Pea is Important

January 9, 2009

dsc_0028 So guys, it’s just you and me now. Again.

Plans: clean my studio, paint the ceiling, peel the peeling paint off the walls, organize Filly a bit, and get ready for Sarah’s arrival (tonight) and the designing of Holiday 09. Hard because I still have Fall 09 filling my head.

(In order of importance, and focus: Soupy, Piglet, Buttonhole, Mrs. Beetle, Phoenix, Pea. For the record, Pea is more important than Phoenix, atleast to me. )


January 9, 2009

dsc_0046 The night before they left we prepared a late night feast. How nice that was- fire in the living room, wine aplenty, all of us busily creating our portion of the meal while catching snippits of this or that conversation. Laughing. Supporting one another. Sharing a joint and talking well into the night.

After all that work we ended up with a meal consisting of brussel sprouts and squash, kale, more brussel sprouts, more squash (“squash surprise”), and dahl soup. I kept searching around my plate for a different offering and only finding more brussel sprouts or kale. Or squash. Hilarious but nobody minded. It is nights like this that fill me up. And I am not referring to my stomach, although I think I felt ill from so many veggies.


January 4, 2009

dsc_9989 My niece Echo is visiting- along with my sister and Nathan of course. Each morning we all look forward to walking down to the cafe for a treat. “Eat crayons!” she says with anticipation, listing off all the yummy colors she will nibble on, “green one, red one, grey one.”

dsc_9995 I wish they lived here!

Good Words

January 2, 2009



by John L. Stanizzi

I had seen them in the tree,
and heard they mate for life,
so I hung a bird feeder
and waited.
By the third day,
sparrows and purple finches
hovered and jockeyed
like a swarm of bees
fighting over one flower.
So I hung another feeder,
but the squabbling continued
and the seed spilled
like a shower
of tiny meteors
onto the ground
where starlings
had congregated,
and blue jays,
annoyed at the world,
disrupted everyone
except the mourning doves,
who ambled around
like plump old women
poking for the firmest
head of lettuce.

Then early one evening
they came,
the only ones—
she stood
on the periphery
of the small galaxy of seed;
he hopped
among the nuggets,
calmly chose
one seed at a time,
carried it to her,
placed it in her beak;
she, head tilted,
accepted it.
Then they fluffed,
hopped together,
did it all over again.

And filled with love,
I phoned to tell you,
over and over,
about each time
he celebrated
being there,
all alone,
with her.

X-Mas Pigs

January 2, 2009

dsc_9866 Gifts were few and satisfying this year. And ceramics were a major theme. I have been taking a ceramics class at the local art center and so I gave a number of pieces to my family. And surprisingly received a few in return. These sister pigs are from my own sister. They hail from a small town in Mexico and are considered a gift of good fortune. They are also three-legged.

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