January 31, 2009

craft-night-2 Split pea soup. The Roches on the turntable. Fire.

Craft Night. Seventeen of us gathered to sculpt, paint with watercolors, write music, knit, sew, embroider and crochet, scrap-book, re-cut and wind tape, draw, dance, and type a letter to Baba. I looked around and loved what I saw- kind, talented, cute human beings and one brown dog. I should have asked someone to dance during a slow song. Next time.

“Now is the hour of quitting. Twilight paints the town. Old Industrial skyline. How does the sun go down.”- The Roches


One Response to “CN”

  1. adam said

    right I finally found you…i sent some emails to your old website (which is gone) but got no reply (maybe ’cause its gone?) anyways I’d really like to give you some money and maybe just stay in touch ’cause well your awesome and I miss summer with you around…
    yes please

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