Faces of Santa Cruz

February 28, 2009


Tomorrow I return to Portland. But I will always be from this place- I have in me the ease of Santa Cruz. The ease of living in a truely beautiful spot on the earth- where the temperature fluxuates between 60 and 75 degrees and salt fills the air. Gentle.


emilync2b4s I was invited to dinner over at Quentin, Emilyn, and Elaina´s. Nighttime in the ¨dead of winter¨ and I rode over there without a hat, without socks… a warm breeze pushing the hair off of my face. This is California, it really is!


February 19, 2009

josh-brazil I am in Santa Cruz to ship Spring 2009. Ahh Santa Cruz. Beautiful, warm, inviting. I could also be describing Josh. We went out to breakfast at Cafe Brazil… I had black beans, potatoes, collards. He had Orfeu Negro because he is a traditionalist.

Fall 2009 Catalogue Shoot

February 16, 2009

_dsc00603 My dear friend Josh Thayer drove up to Portland last week to shoot my Fall 2009 catalogue. James, a young woman I worked with in San Francisco for the Spring 2008 catalogue, modeled again for this season. She is very interesting to me and I feel it is appropriate that she would respesent Filly, respresent me, at two very transistional times of my life. I have been sad for a long time- and suddenly, I´m really not anymore. I am here.

Photo Film

February 8, 2009

dsc_19594 I have been feverishly working on what I am calling a Photo Film. It will be a series of 50 images depicting the arche of a relationship. The female model will be wearing the Fall 2009 collection.

We shoot the official performace Wedneday night. This still is from practice night #2.


February 4, 2009

dsc_1462 Fires for a lifetime. Wood shipment on a gorgeous winter day.

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