Wednesday Night Social

March 31, 2009


Thursday Craft Night Has Died, Long Live Wednesday Night Social! We officially moved craft night to Wednesday because of scheduling conflicts and a desire to expand the very definition of said night. I still encourage any type of projects including dancing and a cake walk and the reciting of prepared monologues.

Wednesday Nights at 9pm. At the Fox Den.


March 25, 2009


I love her hair. I get it next!

John´s 30th

March 22, 2009


Last night our beloved friend John turned 30. In honor of this event Kenya and Seth threw him his identity party- a party reflecting every one of his greatest loves: friends, booze, sushi, music, dancing, gladiator dueling, knife and ninja star throwing, and weight fishing.

The Last Sunday

March 17, 2009


New tradition: every last Sunday of the month I will open my house and studio. Noon – 3pm. Come on by and try on dresses, check out the studio, ask questions, or just partake in tea and good music on the turntable. March 29th @ 5335 NE Mallory Ave in Northeast Portland. It would be nice to meet you.


March 15, 2009


I was returning with my refill when I noticed Sarah and our neighbor at the next table looking… like… they… should pose together for a portrait. And perhaps get to know eachother. Her name is Annie Rose and she is also a seamstress- making Moon Pads for… well, if you use them you know what they are for.


March 13, 2009

dsc_2461 And she claims to be un-photogenic. I know Macon from Santa Cruz but had not seen her in maybe… five years when she casually strolled into an art opening I was attending on Saturday night. Hello! Against my protestations she will not be staying here in Portland but I did manage to rope her into a dinner party, a night of dancing, and a long catch-up over coffee. There is something almost drug-like about camaraderie.


March 11, 2009


Despite the mounting references to spring, we here in Portland will be enjoying “winterish” weather for the next 3 months. And it’s a good thing because I am not done wearing rich, saturated, warm colors that ward off the cold. I especially love the mixing of prints and textures. Today I wore a Japanese batik top in blue and white, a plaid wool scarf in navy, tan, and cream and a rust-red down puffer from 83′. No, it looked good!

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