Tour de Crepes

May 31, 2009


Sarah, the cutest girl in the world, works at the cutest crepiere in the world: a tiny, pleasing operation on Alberta street. Here she is cooking in the airstream trailer they use as a kitchen. It was a hot Sunday and Sarah Codere and I stopped in after the Farmer’s Market for more coffee, a salad and juicy conversation.


May 30, 2009


Is it really summer? Shorts, sandels, iced coffee, watering the garden, doors and windows open, salad for every meal, beer, ice cream truck jingles, bbqs, swimming, sunscreen, big hat, wanting to sit in the shade. Last night Bello and I laid in the park until 11pm. The grass was warm and the night sky was blue-green.

Last Thursday

May 29, 2009


Last Thursday. This is a monthly event that takes place along Alberta Street when it gets warm enough to warrant the effort. One of my favorite aspects of this city is its’ willingness to just let people be creative- there isn’t much oversight or bureaucracy. For instance, Last Thursday spans 15 blocks and is packed full of people selling just about everything- from clothing to hammocks to peanut butter filled dates (2 for a dollar). Plus performers on stilts, bands fully amped, and live theater. You just show up and do your thing without having to ask or pay anyone. It is an unusual display of trust.

Unfortunately Bello and I didn’t sell a goddamn thing and felt drained to the core by 10:00pm. A cool event but maybe not my thing.


May 23, 2009


A visit to Sarah Hendrickson over the weekend. This woman is unbeatable. Likable, kind, competent, and a generous host. She is working on a fire crew in the Willamette National Forest outside of Eugene. This area is so beautiful! -aqua blue rivers, endless forest of fir, cedar, and pine, and free camping on public land. From her porch you can see the southern most mountain in the Three Sisters chain.

On Saturday night we followed a fire-road framed by Alder saplings to a sleep spot overlooking a sea of green.  High on this ridge Adam found the best walking stick I have ever laid eyes on.


May 20, 2009


Wednesday. Up at 6am this morning, as with most mornings the past week. Listening to Oumou Sangare and sewing a few more Holiday dresses. Windows are open and the house is empty. A full jar of pepermint tea waits on my worktable.  I feel calm, rested, and content. All is well today.


May 16, 2009


I hesitated to post this image because Maggie looks so sad. Gorgeous, but sad. It is her birthday and a handful of friends gathered at her family’s beach house in Manzanita to celebrate. The ocean. The ocean. The ocean. I had forgotten how much I want and need to be near it. I had also forgotten how fun it is to be in a new situation with new, interesting, intelligent people. The women in this community- Lee, Maggie, Sarah, Polly and Lena- are to me, the embodiment of distracted, elemental beauty. The best kind.

Adam Baz

May 15, 2009


Prairie and Adam.

Co-ed Clothing Swap

May 15, 2009

clothing swap

Funny, when you look at the pile after everyone leaves you realize that people own some ugly clothes. Let this be a reminder… it is ok. to let those back of the closet items go. If you don’t wear them, it is for a reason.

This is not to say there weren’t a few jems- a love my red sweater with embroidered hearts!

Old-Fashioned Night

May 13, 2009


Well, that was fun. Last night Sarah and I canned. I made pickled pears and preserved pears and she made Mexican spicy vegetables. We started late but made it to bed by midnight. So easy and so satisfying. Next up I am planning on preserved pumpkin and pickled cabbage. I want the pantry to be brimming with abundant sustenance.


“This artisan welling up is the result of my long subconscious preparation.”- Andre Gide

I Want

May 11, 2009


I want long hair that I will wear in a braid. I want the garage to be a ceramics studio. I want to paddle through the sloughs in a red kayak. I want to preserve pears and pickle potatoes. I want to buy an old barn and spend all my time lovingly repairing it. I want to make blueberry vinegar. I want to hang herbs to dry on the back porch. I want to host a Spring Dance in a swing dress and a cold home-brew in one hand. I want to lay in the grass at night.


May 10, 2009

(filly heart) Bonsi Francesco Dizionario Ragionato di Veterinaria teorico-practica Tomo I 1795

Wow! I am impressed and moved by the comments left for me regarding the “done” post. THANK YOU!!!

Do you need Filly, do you want Filly, is Filly essential?

-Definitely, this is important work! I love Filly. The clothes make me feel wonderful. I wear them to work, at home, everywhere. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

-yes yes yes.. filly has improved my life and made me feel comfortable and confident.

-when i wear filly, i feel more comfortable in my own skin.

-is it important to be comfortable, wearing second skin, feeling alive and beautiful and free all at once? is it important to create what can be useful for chasing children, going to the workplace, going for a cocktail…and all in the same day and same get-up…feeling great? in the spirit of beauty, grace, love and intention…i say what you do is lovely, amazing and important. life is expression.

-I think in the long run you have to ask yourself – do you create the response you’re going for in the world with your work? Does that response sustain you, fulfill you? Can you think of any way to do that differently that would sustain and fulfill you more? I know it’s hard to be an environmentalist who likes to design pretty dresses and dream about fabric. Personally – I find you to be a kindred apparel design spirit – trying to make more than pretty dresses and my appreciation for that is more than you know! Best Wishes.

-I have a pair of Filly pants that I got at a Santa Cruz craft fair, and they remind me of that amazing creative place and those wonderful creative people, and they are the most amazingly freeing piece of clothing I have. I’m asked about them nearly every time I wear them, which is often (once a week, maybe) and so I’m able to pass on the very basic concept that yea, people can make clothes. People, not only machines. And those people can potentially have fun and give fun in the making. So yea, I feel good about all the extra happiness and creativity that one creative and happy person can deliver by doing what she loves. !!

-Who cares if it’s important. Life is not worth living if I can’t wear a pretty dress.

-Well Filly is so important to me that it feels silly to even be asked the question. Clothes that feel good, move well, and look good too are EXTREMELY important to all people. The way your clothes behave during a day has an enormous effect on your perspective of the world and yourself. Ill fitting, ill looking clothes are the perfect recipe for a negative perspective on one’s entire life. Is that clear enough?


May 9, 2009


This morning Sarah and I officially became co-parents. These sister chicks are two days old and prefer -quite strongly- to be in Bello’s warmness than the wood chip and heat lamp set-up I have in the kitchen. He is so good at this! Holding very very still, nudging and licking them with a pixie touch.

I like the tan one because she looks like a Prairie Falcon!


May 7, 2009


Turn turn.


May 4, 2009


This past weekend Adam and I went camping at Smith Rock State Park. O.K., go to this park- it is unbelievable for climbing, bird watching, hiking, and driving your vehicle into the middle of a field to sleep alongside a Juniper tree.

I really love getting away from my life to spend time in nature. To wake with the birds. To follow a cow trail up a hillside and perch- two humans and a dog- on a rock outcrop just to listen to the sounds at the close of day.

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