June 25, 2009


Our house is one big house- in looks and in feeling. But it is actually divided into two separate dwellings which are joined by a door in the hallway. Last night we welcomed a new studio-mate, Polly, by throwing her a surprise birthday / housewarming party. I was really nervous about the surprise part of the party but I am not at all nervous about Polly. I think she is an excellent fit.

(there she is!-  in the kitchen with long brown hair)



June 24, 2009


I feel heavy these days. Sad. Flat and weighted. Tight. Shielded. And confused about just what it is that makes me happy. I want to be happy.

Coming Along

June 20, 2009


Remember when we were just breaking ground on our backyard plot? Well, it is all in and up to the sun now…   we have five different varieties of tomatoes, basil, eggplant, hot peppers, edamame, tomatillios, bush beans, beets, arugula, kale, carrots, musk melon, cucumbers, zucchini, crookneck squash, delicata squash, pumpkin, potatoes, leeks, onions, chard, pole beans, strawberries, marionberries, raspberries, blueberries, artichokes, and sweet peas.

At the very least it looks really pretty.

Spring 2010

June 14, 2009

Butterfly 2

And just like that it begins again. Time to put away the songs, textures, colors, and smells that helped create Winter 2009 and start fresh. Time to start noticing and gathering new material that will become the inspirational foundation for Spring 2010.

Winter 2009

June 12, 2009


We shot the catalog for Winter 2009. This time I worked with photographer Paul Wagenblast (http://www.paulwagenblast.com/) and model Alesia Ignatov. These two formed a trusting relationship over the course of the day – quietly and gently finding the right mood for this collection. The resulting images are romantic, historical, and very wintery.


June 10, 2009


My barometer for good living, good loving, kindness, soundness, and joy.

Yeah, this guy.


June 7, 2009


We came home and found Sarah in the garage working on the pottery wheel. My god you are cute!

In the Evening

June 6, 2009

pointy house

Last night I was laying sleeping, darling
All by myself
Last night I was laying sleeping, darling
All by myself
And the one I really really love
He was laying somewhere else

-Karen Dalton


June 5, 2009


This was the breeziest dinner party ever. Sarah works at the farmer’s market and comes home with a bushel of greens twice a week. Inspired by the overflowing fridge, she invited James and Kenya over for dinner. When Adam stopped by that morning she invited him as well. Once boys were on the list an invite was extended to James’ sweetheart Zane, whom we have been dying to meet. As dinner was almost ready John called and wondered if he and Seth should bring something… Oh?! yeah, come on over with bread and a bottle of wine. And just like that the perfect balance was reached.

For dessert we had a summer thunder storm. And chocolate.


June 5, 2009


My sister Natalie has been coming up a lot lately. I know it is time to see her. Four months have passed and that is generally as long as we can stand to wait these days. When I talk about her it seems to always be an example of how much I trust her- trust her with my secrets, trust her aesthetic taste, trust her advice, trust her to be waiting with open arms if ever I needed to run away. Who else has such a deep, lifelong understanding of me that I can get off the phone by saying- “I’m gonna get off the phone now. ok, bye.”


June 4, 2009


So…I have a little crush on the drummer in BRAINSTORM. They played a house party Wednesday night and I was really impressed. I recommend checking them out… myspace.com/brainstormbrainstorm

Morning Routine

June 3, 2009


I love the hours before noon. I love the light, the quiet, and the predictability of the tasks: feed Bello, put on water for coffee, practice yoga, sweep and clean, water the garden, drink coffee and check e-mail, get dressed and leave the house.


June 2, 2009


Seth and Kenya hosted an authentic hodown last night in celebration of Andy Weaver’s birthday even though Andy hates celebrating his birthday so nobody mentioned why we were all there. Seth methodically wrapped each of his bbq food items in tin-foil- how many is that,… like 45 potatoes? I like this man so much. He is a bee Dad now and seems to be lovingly preoccupied with his colony’s state of mind at all times. Lena was stung near the end of the night and I’m sure it registered with Seth that another bee had died.


June 1, 2009


Slept in the backyard for the past two nights- tucked up under the conifir on a patch of grass between the chicken coop and the garden.  I like my life right now. I like my community, I like my sweetie, I like my job, I like my home, I like Portland summer nights.

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