July 30, 2009


This morning I met with Dawn Davis, the coordinator for the Community Education Work and Life Balance program at Portland Community College. I am teaching Basic and Intermediate Sewing for the Fashion Design Department. Me! A teacher! I am so excited and honored to be given this opportunity and I will try to be everything I wanted in a teacher- challenging, competent, clear, and kind.


July 29, 2009


The last four days have seen temperatures topping 100 degrees. I wake early and open the house to let in morning freshness. By 9:30 all the shades are drawn, the doors closed, and the fans on. The cold water tap runs hot!

My Girl

July 26, 2009


See, a girl like this makes me want to cut my hair. What’s so great about a braid anyway!

I am noticing a trend toward shorter hair again. A number of women here in Portland have shaved either one or both sides of their heads- leaving a long swath just down the middle. It is only a matter of time before they cut the mane off completely. I have a natural tendency toward short hair so if I see too many cute short hair styles, I am likely to loose all scissor resistance.

Gazpacho for Dinner

July 20, 2009


I asked Sarah to take a candid photo of Kenya and I in our complimentary outfits. I guess you will just have to take my word for it.

Sauvie Island

July 18, 2009


A mid-afternoon dip.


July 16, 2009


Hot and stressful day. This Filly business is a heavy weight. But Bello is cute. And he helps me get away from the computer or sewing machine for a walk to the park.

He appreciates the simple pleasures like water fountains, cool grass, and sticks. What are my simple pleasures? Cool grass, water, berries, and love.


July 15, 2009


Kenya’s Dad is in town. Tuesday night potluck.


July 12, 2009


Everyone is leaving for the summer. Last night we had a going away party for John and Heather but it might as well have been a general farewell.

Heather is going to Africa. John and Seth are touring the U.S., Sarah C. is going to New Mexico, Adam is touring the West-coast, Jade is visiting family on the East-coast, Tim is… somewhere, Jonah is leaving for India, Polly is in New York, Sarah Baker is going to Santa Cruz and I am heading first to visit my sis in Montana and then to Santa Cruz as well to celebrate the marriage of my dear friend Jeff.

Hurry home again.

Sunset on the lake

July 10, 2009

sarah kayak copy

Lodged in the duck weed, we quietly watched the sun depart.

One Year Ago

July 9, 2009


Hard to imagine I have been in Portland long enough to recount past summers. And last year was so fun. Living in the Airstream basically felt like camping. I was a barn yard animal-I peed outside, was covered in mosquito bites, fell asleep to the sounds of crickets in the stifling heat. This was an experience I didn’t expect to have in my life and one that was both very serene and very lonely. I was out in the world. I was truly a girl turned loose.

Right Hand Man

July 8, 2009


So many dog discussions coming up recently. Adam thinking of getting a dog, Nat struggling to find a new job for Henry (who, according to a dog mind-reader is depressed because he no longer knows his role in the family now that children are on the scene) and Josh discovering that Soupy might actually be getting old- too tired to chase a stick! My heart swells with love for Bello; my guy, my companion of the last ten years, my guide, my baby, my dry and bristle haired red-head. Perhaps I am just emotional and sappy right now but I find myself cherishing things, people, and animals that I have taken for granted recently.


July 6, 2009

122-2267_IMG Santa Cruz. September 2004

Back home after a Fourth of July weekend in Anacortes, Washington. Portland feels good to me- overcast and familiar.

Change is afoot. Again. But this time it feels like an opening- exciting and brimming with possibility. I am no longer working with Tracey Forrest, my talented sales rep of the last three years. Transition is always a bit scary but there is also no avoiding it. Life, it rolls and flows.

I am reminded this morning that I am a long way from where I started-the kitchen table in Josh’s little farm house. And how grateful I am for each person that has helped, supported, and inspired me along the way.

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