Bike Tour

August 30, 2009

bike em 2

Another summer gone, another missed opportunity to get out on my bike. Darn. That is two years in a row! I thought Adam and I might atleast ride to the coast but our lives are busy and our priorities are directed elsewhere.



August 20, 2009



River-bound on a warm Wednesday afternoon. Happy Birthday Carlyn!


August 19, 2009


Happy Birthday Sarah!


August 17, 2009


My god. I am exhausted. Spring 2010 is done. This morning I am driving to Seattle to drop off the sew samples and patterns with my new manufacturer. Meeting this deadline took a considerable amount of discipline and stamina.

I am ready to lie in the park and close my eyes.

Dinner in the Backyard

August 16, 2009


Delicious food and trusted dinning companions make for satisfying conversation. We could have sat there all night.

Santa Cruz Show

August 11, 2009


Hi Friends. On Wednesday night, the 12th of this month, Adam and Patrick, otherwise known as BRAINSTORM, are playing the Bike Church in Santa Cruz. They will share the bill with another Portland band called Summer Blondes and a Santa Cruz band called Bo-Tron. It is an all-ages show (my parents are going) starting early (8pm) and I think it will be really fun. It is also an opportunity to pick up a new toothbrush- all black with black bristles!!

This photo is from their last show in Portland before departing south to The Bay and Sacramento. These people liked it…

Peak of Summer

August 3, 2009


My sweetie’s knees. Adam and I spent Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market visiting Sarah and sharing a coffee. We laid on our stomachs, shoulders touching, watching the people go by, bantering and kissing and critiquing outfits.

Yeah, he’s a good one.

Spring 2010

August 1, 2009

Spring 2010

I like this collection already. It is all mine.


August 1, 2009


I think I might look a little like her when I am older. Maybe not the exact same body type (she has amazing boobs while mine are kinda small)  but perhaps a similar overall appearance and style.

I simply hope to God I look as good as she does.

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