September 30, 2009


When I was 25 and met Josh I was ready for the big things. Yes, he officially owned the house but we shared in the responsibility of repairs and improvements. We parented seven animals. We each started businesses. It was fun!

I might be ready for the big things. Again. I don’t know why it’s so scary this time around. Why does it mean more now? Was I simply playing house before?


New York

September 29, 2009

adam's tatoo

I miss you.

Hufnagel Cycles

September 28, 2009

Jordan Hufnagel. This fella is fucking awesome! Not only is he dashing and handsome (yeah, he kills it with the ladies), he is also an amazing frame builder with an eye for refined, practical beauty (come to think of it, that could describe his taste in women too…). I enjoy talking with him because his approach to business, and to life, is to say what he means and enjoy each day. There is not much that gets him down.


September 26, 2009


Kenya is amazing. She is a birthday wizard. Today Seth turned 30 and she put together a birthday float on Vancouver lake. It was heavenly.

Fall 2009 In Stores Now!

September 24, 2009

_DSC0255 (The Overlay with Adventure Pant)


September 22, 2009

Missoula (Echo, Nat, Henry, Nathan)

wow. I’ll take that.

Check out their parenting blog!


September 17, 2009


My nieces got their first pet. Vanilla.

This hamster just lucked out. She pretty much resides full-time in my sister’s pocket or on the girls’ laps. And while most rodent pets tend to end up neglected and short-lived, Nat and I take hamsters seriously. The pair we had as kids- Perko and Frilly – were absolute stars of the family. Perko was really really old and had grown a tumor the size of a guava before my Dad threw her over the river bank. I don’t remember what happened to Frilly.

(Update: Nat says “actually they took Perko to the vet. They said they charged $10 if you watched the animal be put to sleep or $0 if you didn’t watch. There was no tossing over the bank!”  Maybe it was Frilly that went over the bank?)


September 16, 2009


Soupy, roughin it in Oregon.

When I was in Santa Cruz I proposed to Josh that he let me take Soupy to Portland. Just until the end of the month. But oh my, I am getting very used to having her around. She’s just like Bello only littler, faster, and moody. A true girl.


September 16, 2009


decisions, decisions.

Filly Billy

September 15, 2009


This is what the revolution looks like. Here we sit, Wednesday morning, making calls, trying to get paid. Leila is our billing department. It is that simple, that small, that personal around here.

Rock Steady

September 15, 2009


My girls. My scruffy, tough, raw, honest, crude, hilarious, strong, beautiful girlfriends in Santa Cruz inspire me from my head to my toes.

You will always be my base.


September 12, 2009

rings Father and Daughter

I just returned from the California Bay Area. Two and a half weeks of work with a little socializing thrown in there for good measure. I shipped Fall 2009 which looked really good. I am proud to have those pieces out there representing Filly. I attended the CALA trade show in San Francisco and remembered why I should never sell my own line- not only am I am terrible sales person, but as the artist, I can not take the indifference and implied rejection of those that walk right on by. Rationally I know it is not personal but my heart still shrinks just a little. And lastly, as I mentioned, we photographed the catalog for Spring 2010. Phew! It feels good to be back in Portland!

Of course, between it all, I spent time with my Dad. My Dad.

Perfect Family

September 9, 2009

wedding Jeff, Seiji, Holly, Elijah

My best friend got married! Jeff Akiyoshi- possibly the best human on the planet- married the beautiful Holly Stone (My one time intern! Ooh!). What a nice afternoon. I was reacquainted with a handful of charming high school friends including my first love Jose. It seemed that everyone was married and had atleast a couple of kiddies. Except me. I am instead dating a 25 year old musician. I felt like the sleazy dude in the group. In a good way.

Photo Shoot

September 3, 2009

spring 2010

I am still in shock.

Today we shot the catalog for Spring 2010. And somehow we were able to photograph 27 outfits in under two hours. At the end I asked Josh Thayer whether it was something we did (in which case lets be sure to keep doing it) or was it simply the beauty, energy, and skill of our model Angelyne. Yes, we concluded it was the model. Thank you beautiful girl.

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