School Day

October 31, 2009

School Day

Saturday morning. Getting my lesson together for class. Today we are covering zippers.


Happy Birthday Dear Kenya

October 30, 2009


We got all cozy for Kenya’s birthday. Fresh cider from Sauvie Island warmed with rum and spices. Homemade nachos. And wheat-free chocolate cake. At the end of the night we shot downtown for a show at Valentine’s.

I appreciate. I appreciate. Thank you life. Love you Kenya.

Filly at CALA

October 29, 2009

Spring 2010 CALA

The Fox Den

October 23, 2009


Dinner parties. I am in charge of cleaning and putting away all crap and clutter, setting the table, putting on music. and lighting the incense. Sarah takes care of the food. Ladies arrive early. Wine is poured. Alliances are formed, bonds are strengthened, secrets shared. Boys trickle in. Conversation shifts, flirting blooms. Beers are cracked. More wine. Laughing. Dinner is served. Amazing! Seconds please! Dessert and coffee. Lingering at the table. Candles dimming, wax on the tablecloth. Watching who leaves, conveniently, at the same time. Best friends are the last to go. Sarah and I, satisfied, amused, and exhausted, head to bed, analysis left for the morning’s coffee.

Snicker, Snicker

October 22, 2009


Prairie got stuck in the hammock today. She was embarrassed. She wouldn’t look at me and was appalled I was taking the time to photograph her.


October 20, 2009


I can feel the color buzzing in my head.

Out of the House

October 19, 2009


How many of you work from home? It’s tough! It is impossible to “start and end” work. Work and responsibility are ever present. After my morning routine of yoga, coffee, email, and walking Bello, I am faced with an entire day without any … signposts. No way to tell if I’ve reached my goals, no way to tell if I have done enough, no way to tell if I want to leave the house because I’m lonely and bored or because I am actually through for the day. I consistently feel a little guilty for not accomplishing more. Because I am never clear when I am “home from work”.

Well, this afternoon I was feeling all of that- and so I left. The house. And walked out on Suavie Island and spied a woodpecker and listened to tree bits fall to the ground and felt the heavy Autumn air irritate my sinuses.

Hopefully Pt. 2

October 17, 2009

Sarah at 60

Wait a sec., could this be what Sarah will look like when she is older? I haven’t shown her this yet and maybe she would disagree but this woman really could be Sarah at 60. They have the same ease of body, the same quick to smile expression, they both have a stylish man at the ready,…

Plus, Sarah’s older self is French! Sarah is so lucky!

(But she would have borrowed those shoes from me)


October 16, 2009

IMG_7470Sarah, Sarah, Emily, Polly, Kenya

Damn. That was epic. Wine, smoke, chocolate, peanut butter and apples, popcorn, Joni Mitchell and Mos Def, horoscopes, hair braiding, and conversation. The only topic left undecided… should Sarah cut little bangs? Really, should she?


October 16, 2009


A late afternoon outing to the Sauvie Island pumpkin patch. And the whole time we talked about boys.

Sarah Here and Now

October 15, 2009


Sarah and I were getting ready to go out for the afternoon and I had a case of deja-vu as she laced up her shoes. “Hold still!”.

The one on the left was taken in February and the one on the right was from today, mid October.


October 14, 2009


Adam left this morning for Europe. He will be gone five weeks. Gone long enough for me to let go- of actively missing him, of wondering what he is doing, of needing or wanting to talk to him. I am simply solo now for a bit. And I like that. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my friends and spending time alone- ahh, my own patterns and routines…

But when he returns, I don’t want to be apart for awhile.


October 12, 2009


As I start to design Fall 2010 images like this are powerful reminders of what fashion is. My heart leaps looking at her. I want her. I want to be her, marry her, or at least steal her dress. I want to be in that restaurant at that moment in time and feel that good about myself.

And that is where I will start.

Get Married

October 12, 2009


My handsome date and our friends at the wedding of Andrew and Dharma last Saturday night.


October 9, 2009

skidmore bluffs

Adam has been living with me this past week. Fun! Sarah just left on a short trip to California so we have the entire, huge, beautiful house to ourselves. To pretend and practice and just hang out. I like what happens when you share space- no plans, no pressure to make it fun, sometimes it feels good to simply be in the house together, each of us doing our own thing.

However, I am suddenly aware of parts of the house that need rearranging, cleaning, or repair. He notices everything and appreciates order. Good thing he is so cute.

Craft Night

October 8, 2009


What a great start to the season. This group is solid and satisfying. Compatible, close. A match. Johnny, Drew, Adam, Emily, Sarah, Phil, Maggie, Sarah, Polly, Carson, Daniel, Sarah, Kenya, Seth, John, and Heather. But there were a few missing faces… come on, we want you!

We: knitted scarves and doodled. Oh wait, Sarah worked on clothespin dolls and Johnny took notes for his upcoming Rolling Stones tribute mix tape. I like my friends.

The Tourist

October 3, 2009

My lovely and dear friend Josh Muir recently participated in the Portland Manifest Bicycle show here in Portland. I would have voted his gorgeous and thoughtful “Frances Tourist” into the top twelve. Especially after it and he rode like maniacs in the 80 mile bike race- each of them crossing the finish line in one piece. I think he had a good time up here-he and Josh Thayer drank many free beers and made new friends. “Hey Bike People!”

I felt sad the night they left. They made my own home feel more like home. Goodbye for now little Soupy, my love.

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