Walk it Off

November 28, 2009

Today the sun came out and allowed us a post T-day speed walk along the Columbia. Walking stick a necessity.


November 28, 2009

A sophisticated celebration at The Shavers, AKA Sarah and Jade’s house. Good people, amazing food, plenty of whiskey, and lots of pie.

Look Around

November 26, 2009

What if I started to see how perfect it all is instead of always, always, wishing for something a little different.

Thank you thank you thank you beautiful, sharp, warm life. Thank you for this moment. I am alone in the house. Baba Muktanada on the record player. I am sitting cross-legged on the couch with a full cup of coffee and Bello next to me with his head slightly tilted and deep in sleep. My body is neither hungry nor full and my heart is still, content. In a bit I will walk in the country before joining friends for food and drink. And tonight I will fall asleep in the arms of a dear and decent man. Thank you warm life.


November 25, 2009

She brings a little smile to my lips. Her style is carried off with such precision. There is not a section on which the eyes get stuck. Smooth.


Sarah + Michael

November 25, 2009

And everything falls into place.


November 23, 2009

Meanwhile, on the eastern-most campus, we welcomed Ozone (white) and Bill Murray to the fold. I am so impressed by Seth and Kenya! They have totally re-shaped their physical surroundings to better exemplify their anesthetics, values, and lifestyle. The goat pen looks incredible! Well designed and executed. It really feels like a farm. A true urban farm! So cool!!!

When I Don’t Know When

November 23, 2009

This day has taken its’ toll on me. My back has been bothering me and I feel sensitive from the nagging pull of pain. And then there was this morning’s conversation. Adam and I were still in bed and I was on the phone with my former partner, Josh. He had called to tell me he was moving back into our old house. With his girlfriend. What a surreal moment. One of those moments where life is drastically black and white. Because sometimes I still let myself think of Josh’s house as home. Suddenly and starkly, that was utterly not true. And what was true was the light coming in the windows and filling my delicate room in Portland. What was true was Adam’s warmth next to me. I am here. I am no longer there.


November 19, 2009

Cool. A mixer. We shamelessly invited a handful of handsome men and a clutch of beautiful women and watched the sparks fly. So fun! While Sarah and early arrivals prepared the meal, I outfitted a twelve foot table spanning the length of the livingroom and still, all 18 of us barely fit. Upon sitting, we went around and each of us introduced the person to our left. With varying degrees of intimacy- “This is Allison. I think she brought those amazing spiced nuts.”

I fluttered around the table and each spot I landed provided tickling conversation and a deeper appreciation for my friends and greater community. As the door shut behind the last person, I bent down to kiss Bello on the forehead and whispered, “This was the best night of my life.” And in that moment, I meant it.

And Happy Birthday Sarah! You are so easy to love!

Where did Fall go? The sun seems to be setting just after 3pm. The nights stretch for an eternity! I have my hat, gloves, scark, wool button-up, and puffy vest at the ready in a pile by the door. Here we go… down to the bottom toward the Winter Solstice. Just the other day a friend mentioned x-mas presents- oh yeah, x-mas presents! And holiday parties and sharp colors and pale skin. Events! Reasons to put on lipstick! Okay, Winter is starting to sound more enticing. Filly clothing is always available to purchase. Just e-mail me or Rayah. We are also offering discounted pieces from previous seasons. Click on the link below to view the discount catalog. Having just the right thing to wear- to feel cozy, to feel pretty, to feel prepared for whatever the day has in store- helps me feel warm inside too.

Overstock Catalog


November 16, 2009


Company. It feels good even when there is no sound but the croon of Bon Iver and the clicking of keys.

Goat Shed

November 14, 2009

goat shed

Seth and Kenya win the prize. The house next door was up for sale and their dear friends Stefan and Bethany bought it. Now with two beehives, four ducks, two cats, and three baby goats on the way, their joint property has become the Sumner Street Animal Farm. Really, how lucky can you get.

The goats are expected on Tuesday. The four of them (the humans) have been working hard to finish the shed and front fence in time. Goat milk! Goat cheese! Goat love!



November 13, 2009


This is what happens when a midterm is scheduled in a not-for-credit class. It is true, you don’t have to go and who wants to be tested given half a choice…

But they didn’t have anything to fear! I was going to ask each of them to attempt the thing that has been the most challenging this semester. So that I could help them really get it. I was not interested in scaring or punishing anyone!


November 13, 2009


Their first egg showed up this morning! I found it in the coop and ran inside with it before realizing I wanted a picture of this momentous occasion. Lucy was willing to participate in a staged re-telling of chicken-near-egg.


November 12, 2009

Mug Shot copy

Yeah, we crafted last night. It’s an addiction.

Winter 2009 In Stores Now!

November 11, 2009

Winter 2009

I just shipped the Winter 2009 collection. It looks fantastic!



November 11, 2009

vermont farm

I can’t stop thinking about my future house. My future life. In Missoula I realized I don’t want to settle for good in Portland. I don’t want to raise a child here. It is a little too big. There is simply too much going on. So much goodness that it is difficult to qualify anything. “Oh, that house is for sale. That beautiful house with a garden and fruit trees on yet another quiet tree-lined street.” It is just as amazing as the next. The same could be said for music shows, art shows, and fashion events. I am finding myself not going out at all. The options are limitless! Spoiled? yes. But honest.

This property is in Vermont, across the road from Kenya’s parents. This is where Kenya wants to land. 3 to 5 acres, half of which is a fenced field for goats/alpaca/sheep/llamas with a solar powered electric fence. A small stream runs along the southern part of the property. Rural Vermont might be a bit too small but I’m leaning in that direction. Any suggestions…


November 7, 2009


Three weeks. Sigh. I am forgetting what you look like! Okay, come home now. Just come home early and surprise me. No don’t. Stay as long as you can. But life is pretty great here. House to myself, heat is on and I am sipping a mason jar of peppermint tea while packing the Winter 2009 store orders. I wish you could see the finished production before I send it out. It looks awesome!



November 6, 2009


Our trip is coming to an end. This cycle – going toward Natalie, allowing my life to collide with hers, to vine around each other, to whisper in her ear, to view the world through two sets of eyes, to feel Echo’s hand on my leg as if this feathery weight were my own daughter’s touch – only to spin away again is excruciating. Back to the car, back to Portland, back to the friends and lovers that I adore. But they are not my other.

Natalie and I have not lived in the same town as adults. It is a constant exercise in acceptance to be okay with this and to plan for our next reunion.

Christmas in Santa Cruz!


November 5, 2009


Today, like most days, we walked downtown and had brunch-time snacks at Butterfly, the local spot that Nathan works at. From the front it appears to be simply a tea shop- a mighty tea shop with floor to ceiling jars and a library ladder – but still just a tea shop. In the back however, is a small cafe with ornate wooden booth lined in a row against the wall. The locals all seem to stop in at atleast once a day. You sit and watch the town file by. Missoula is small enough that even I recognize people and say my hellos. I am fascinated by the idea of living in a town this size.

Road Trip

November 1, 2009


Heather, John, Bello and I are heading for Montana. John used to live in Missoula and misses the town terribly. He still has a community of friends dying to see him. I have my sister and her wonderful partner and amazing daughters to visit. A 9 hour drive and it flew by. Chatting, sleeping, snacking and suddenly we were pulling in to say our hellos!

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