Advice? please

December 4, 2009

Bello has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. I found out yesterday. Does anyone know of alternative treatments for canine cancer? To be specific, for intermediate grade soft tissue sarcomas?


6 Responses to “Advice? please”

  1. Lesa Sorensen-Joseph said

    Oh Em. I just read Nat’s post, and am now crying for you, for her, for that feeling of knowing what we love most will leave us and feeling a void for the future where more things like that will touch our lives. I’m scared. I’ll admit it. Sorry I can’t be with you. I love you; take care of yourself.

  2. Mahala said

    I wish I knew something that could change all this for you. Bello has been a wonderful companion.

  3. sandi said

    i sent an email to my friend, karri meleo, who is a vet in seattle & sees a lot of dogs with cancer. this was her reply:

    There are likely some options
    I have a colleague who is great in Portland, Kim Freeman. Here’s her contact info. It would be OK to drop my name 🙂
    Or, if you have more details about the case, I might be able to advise you better–like, where is the tumor, how old is the dog, etc?
    Hope this helps

    Kim Freeman, DVM, DACVIM
    Veterinary Cancer Referral Center
    1945 NW Pettygrove St (inside DoveLewis ER & ICU Animal Hospital)
    Portland, OR 97209
    (971) 255-5930
    (503) 961-8744

    i also asked karri if it would be okay to put the 2 of you in touch directly in case you’d like to discuss bello’s case privately. i will email you her info as soon as i hear back from her.

    i’m so very sorry, my dear. my heart goes out to your sweet one.

  4. holly akiyoshi said

    I knew he had lumps. I love you both and am sending hugs…I’ll look up his condition and ask around.

  5. Michelle said

    I was at your house last night and was immediately drawn to Bello. I just read this post and my heart sank. My dearest friend Bodhi passed away two years ago at the ripe old age of 16. The thing that made me able to tolerate the grief I was feeling was that he had an amazing life and was adored like he was my child. I noticed how much you love Bello when she gently crawled up on the couch and you pushed the clothes out of her way. It was really beautiful to see how connected you two are. It’s simply not fair that they can’t have longer lives. My thoughts and hugs go out to you both and just soak up every minute you can with her. She knows how much you adore her. I am so sorry Emily and I am happy to have met you both.

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