Maggie Jones

December 20, 2009

This woman. She raises an eyebrow when making an observation. She is slowly cutting one side of her hair in a manner and speed that makes it so you can’t tell. She does Pilates. She makes an amazing wheat free chocolate cake and takes dinner parties as seriously as we do. She speaks with an accent. Her hair is red. She likes high-waisted pants with gathers and a really long crotch- high waisted and low crotched! Her feet are small. And she is a very very smart writer and I think you want to read her blog because it makes me cry I laugh so hard.


2 Responses to “Maggie Jones”

  1. midgeblogs said

    I feel like I just walked in on a really, really beautifully orchestrated surprise party, except that after everyone yelled “surprise!” they were just like, “here, we ran you a bath and made you a nice plate of cake and found that book you lost halfway through reading, so why don’t you just hang out and think about how much we love you. Call us soon.”

  2. deeduh said

    well i like maggie

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