Friends of Filly Tour Sign Up

January 18, 2010

So far we have West Coast confirmations for Bellingham (Annie!), Seattle (Rebecca!), Portland (Me!), Arcata (Jamie?), San Francisco (Christine!), Santa Cruz (Holly!), …

East Coast- New Hampshire (Heidi!), Providence (Kate!?), and a few others possibly…Amelie, you are where now?

and then what, where, to whom?…

Is this possible?


7 Responses to “Friends of Filly Tour Sign Up”

  1. Rebecca said

    Not only is it possible, it’s happening! I’d love to connect with Kat from Seattle who was the first one to write about the Seattle stop.

  2. Mahala said

    My Katie lives in Bellingham! I have to know when you’ll be there.

  3. Sarah said

    I love Filly and would love to participate out here in Virginia. I’d love to meet women in this area who support your work!

    I live outside DC and could host a Friends of Filly most anytime.

  4. k a t said

    I’m here! I was just in Portland for the weekend and offline. Count me in please!

  5. Chelsea said

    I’ll host in San Diego!

  6. irene said

    amelie is in northampton, MA. i think she would be thrilled to host a dress up party — should i ask her? my sister is a new fillyfan. she is in nyc.

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