Look and See

February 24, 2010

I read recently that your home is the greatest indicator of your personality. Far more accurate and telling than what you wear, say, or do. Its size gives it a permanence that can not be adapted to meet the perceived needs of the viewer. There is no chance to quickly run around and change all of your furniture, wall paint, knickknacks, and dishware because Bob is coming to dinner instead of your parents.

Everything I need to know about a potential sweetie is revealed just by looking at his room.

I am having a personal crisis of sorts. A crisis of the personality. Home means more to me than anything else- career, partner, fun… these all pale next to the idea of a house. But to choose a house means defining myself and although it might appear that I have no fear of settling, I do. I dearly do.

My only hope, and Kenya assures me this will be the case, is that I will know it when I see it. Right now I don’t have answers, only worries.

2 Responses to “Look and See”

  1. Christine said

    Maybe you remember me, quite possible you don’t, that’s ok. I was at Holly and Jeffs wedding, probably too tan, in flip flops, we talked some shit about the jocks you knew who were there…

    Anyways, point being, your writing is so, so true, so spot on. You speak to me, in a way speak for me, cause I couldn’t possibly articulate these feelings, but you do. Reading them is comforting and sad at the same time. I wish I couldn’t relate to all your saying. But, *sigh* I do.

    Keep your head up girl, I had a blast chatting with you. I hope that things become clearer for you, and well, for me too. 🙂

    • wow. wow. thank you so much for saying that. i am insecure about writing and so to hear that you like it, relate to it, and actually feel comforted by it is amazing and feels sooo good! thank you christine. and i do remember you… olive skin, long hair, beautiful and tough, strong, womanly, and confidant? yeah, i remember you.

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