Better Late

March 24, 2010

I know Fall 2010 is late. I hear you boutiques. You are ready. And I am not. Designing this collection is taking longer than expected because I am struggling to uncover something new, something now. I want these designs to speak for me right now. At this place in my life. And so as I move through this collection I am asking myself, with each piece, what am I saying? Is there a direct line between this dress and my identity? It is a circular exercise in knowing myself, expressing myself, questioning myself, knowing more truly, expressing more and more authentically. An inward spiral toward understanding. A winding road. Not a straight line. A discovery. The cutest pair of twill drawstring sweatpants.


3 Responses to “Better Late”

  1. Sarahbeth said

    Oh my friend via the apparel-designer-internet-waves, how you speak to the condition of the conscious apparel designer heart. Some days I think I’ll chuck these “seasons” out the window and tear off the path -going my own way. Defining my own seasons and being present in the now. Then I remember that shops probably won’t follow me on my dare-devilish way.
    So here’s to your process – shine on.

    • Right? I keep thinking about that. And I guess I am doing that right now even though it is probably foolish. But I have never asked before, what does happen if you fiddle with the timeline? What if I am not done until mid April? What happens? We will see. Are you done?

      • Sarahbeth said

        This time I’m done – but I spent years not being. And I’m better for it. What happens – I think maybe you “publish” when you publish. See what happens – if shops aren’t as gung ho as your pirate spirit – then peddle your wares on a little temporary web shopping site. And I have a glinty-eyed suspicion, it will be the best line yet…

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