Workbook Home

March 29, 2010

It was Sunday brunch at the home of Jenny and Ed Cook. We were there to celebrate. Just last week Maggie received a Master’s Degree in Publishing at PSU. Very impressive.

The setting for today’s brunch was impressive as well. And served as a tickling reminder that what you are looking for, you will find. The bottom image has become my go-to source of inspiration for Fall 2010. It is a tear from New York Magazine and the imagined home in which my designs reside. I have stared at that room and fantasized about the woman who lives there. I want to be there. I want to be her.  This morning I felt as though I had stepped into my workbook and could no longer decipher art from life.


One Response to “Workbook Home”

  1. midgeblogs said

    This is so great to me, because I was honestly just looking at a picture on your FB of a bed with Christmas lights strung along it, and I thought “I WANT A LOFT BED WITH LIGHTS STRUNG ALONG IT.” Seriously. And now I am looking at loft beds on Craigslist. Anyway.

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