April 20, 2010

This was the day. Spring 2010 pieces were ready to be shipped. I started early, coffee in hand, boxes prepped, new printer up and running and Cat Stevens intermittently crooning and screeching on the turntable. Shipping is exciting but it is also terrifying. I am excited to send these beautiful clothes into the world. But I am also terrified that I will fail to meet expectations and ‘they”, “you”, “me” will not like what I have done. My heart races and clenches, I eat a lot, I want to stop, I am scared and sad and alive and exhilarated.

The boxes made it to FedEx at 9pm. The clothes are tagged, folded, stacked, bagged, and packed safely inside a padded vessel. They are ready for their long journey to new homes.


One Response to “Sending”

  1. Linda said

    oh Emy,I am so glad that you wrote about this. I finished my 7 show paintings today. I took them to the photographer and tomorrow they ship. I had to title them and I sat there at my table with the same trepidation about the work. I worked for months and this is what I have? My stomach was churning. The next time I see this work will be at the opening with dressed up people commenting on the “body” of my new work. No one knows the hell I went through.

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