“And then my girl…

April 25, 2010

brought home a horse named Felicity?”

“Okay. And my girl saw her and loved her. Alright?”

“Yeah. And my girl was the oldest.”

Is there anything more soothing than little girls playing? Soft voices, small movement of people and parts, unconscious shifting of bodies as plot twists occur. Alliances are made, marriages arranged, betrayal, retreat, reconciliation! Hours of this! Nat and I sit and sip tea, cook and wipe up, all the while thankful for the chance to talk with one another about “adult issues”- which are simply the embodiment of girlhood play. Without the horses. But that would be really great.


One Response to ““And then my girl…”

  1. Iris Weaver said

    Emily- love your blog…miss you. went to visit your beautiful clothes in a store downtown santa cruz when I missed you the other day. hope you’re well. – Iris

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