Three Host Houses

June 30, 2010

Does anyone live in Olympia, Salem, or Corvallis? Just a reminder that I am looking for a few good women to host a Friends of Filly at the end of July….

5 Feet Deep

June 28, 2010

Last night I ate pig cooked in a pit. A whole, grown-up pig. Big, with teeth. Steamed in a banana leaf wrap.

The Park

June 28, 2010

We imagined spending a quite Sunday afternoon in the park. Let’s pack a blanket, our books. I’ll make salad, you bring a bottle of white wine. Maybe we will play frisbee.

We rode out to St. John’s to lie under the beautiful bridge and found, not a quiet park, but a rave festival. I’m not kidding. A fucking day time, family oriented rave. The volume. The monotonous beat. The hoolahoops. The trance dance. This was not the plan. But it was hot and the ride was long so we settled in to eat our lunch. Before long I was bobbing my head and we had made friends with the neighbors. Rave folk are really nice. We even made up our Rave Personas. I would be Purple, with dyed black hair, one side braided with colorful ribbons, the other twisted into a frisky bun. Shimmery makeup, spaghetti strap gold mini with bike shorts underneath, and flared striped leg warmers. He would be Fawn with a high ponytail dyed orange at the tip. One eyebrow bleached. Anklet. Dressed in buckskin.

Do Over

June 27, 2010

Today I began preparing for Winter 2010. What fabric, what shapes, what do I like, what would I wear, what would my muses wear, what fashion needs can I fill, how can I feel fulfilled by this crazy turn-over? It was only two weeks ago that I finished Fall 2010. Three collections a year, average twelve styles per collection, five years in business… when I finish this next collection I will have designed one hundred and eighty garments. Strange. That actually doesn’t sound like very many.


June 26, 2010

Polly is leaving for graduate school at the end of the summer. Transition. Everyone’s favorite. I have come to love this girl. I don’t want her to leave but I also do want her to leave. Because her reasons for going are so right. She has only a few remaining months to be in Oregon, at this time, with these women. For her actual birthday we dropped everything at the last second and picked strawberries on a farm by the river.

Oh Polly, remember that weird summer? The one that never got hot? You were so beautiful. That was the beginning of everything that came after.

Baby Tour

June 25, 2010

Okay, if I am going to do this Friends of Filly tour idea, I need to start small. Because ultimately, I don’t like driving. So what if I started with a baby tour in my neighborhood. Olympia – Seattle – Bellingham – Settle again – Salem – Corvallis – Eugene – Portland.

Lets go over the idea again. I host an event in Santa Cruz called Friends of Filly. At these events I lay out piles and piles of Filly clothes. Everything from the latest collection to pieces from as early as Spring 2007. A Filly tasting. A variety pack. Everything is priced very friendly. And ladies come over, try stuff on, nibble on chocolate, see old friends, and generally have a blast. It is a very unusual and comfortable way to shop, and especially cool for me because I get to meet my customers and see the clothes on bodies! It is sorta like an Avon party and like any good Avon party, we need a host house.

So my question is… are you interested in hosting a FOF in your home? As the host, you would receive a free Filly item of your choice…

Cities that need a host: Olympia, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis.

E-mail me if you can host!


June 25, 2010

House project. Come now- I’m ready.


June 23, 2010

We held our first meditation circle this morning. One hour. Today there were six of us. You are welcome to join. Afterwards we had tea on the porch and talked, with humming voices, about our experience. It is hard! To hold still when you want to move. To hold still when your hip aches and your foot falls asleep. To hold still when your mind suddenly and repeatedly shouts, Go! Hey! We gotta…! Oh No! To hold still when it sounds like a bird might have crashed into the window. To hold still when your hip really really really fucking aches. What happens if you just don’t move? It feels amazing.

Summer Solstice

June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice was overcast and cold but this evening Sarah and I found a little warmth in the Kennedy School soaking pool. We talked about many things but kept coming back to a celebrated summer delight: kissing. Oh kissing, you are so wonderful. I am a selective girl and treasure each person I have kissed. Each person with whom I crossed that important line. We can be this close now. I know so much more. The kiss confirms the choice or serves as a warning sign that this is not right. Like a mediator or a second opinion.

Last night I acted out a kiss- head tilted, mouth open, hands gripping the shoulders of my invisible partner and embarrassed Sarah just a bit. Because kissing is vulnerable for everyone involved.

It was a steamy and dreamy start to the season.

Father’s Day

June 21, 2010

This is my Dad in a parallel universe. I love you! You look great in all white-

1/ Conversation

June 18, 2010

The tumult in the heart
keeps asking questions.
And then it stops and undertakes to answer
in the same tone of voice.
No one could tell the difference.

Uninnocent, these conversations start,
and then engage the senses,
only half-meaning to.
And then there is no choice,
and then there is no sense;

until a name
and all its connotation are same.

Elizabeth Bishop


June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Polly!

Portland Yes!

June 15, 2010

Wow. I am satisfied.

We got an early start on a big day- thrifting on the outskirts, beyond the reach of our fellow stylish Portlanders, all the way to Salem. Endurance. Pack snacks. I got a large mason jar with a handle and a great sweater that Polly regrets not keeping for herself. Sorry. We got back to town just in time to meet Becky Noble, bike rider and hair cutter extraordinaire. She rides to your house and cuts everyone’s hair for $15 each. Right? So good. Shared dinner in the evening. The movie Mystic Pizza for dessert. The only low point of the day, and this is really saying something, was when Bello rolled in a dead animal seconds before we climbed into the car causing him to miss the shopping. Well, you can’t please everyone all the time.

Do Right, Feel Good

June 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon. Wheelbarrow loads of wood chips. Salad with Polly. The New York Times in sections at our feet. Water in mason jars. Little splinters in my fingers.

High on life.

Really, just life.


June 13, 2010

Seth and Kenya- what amazing people. They are a neighborhood attraction. Kids come from blocks away, every day, to visit The Farm that was once Seth and Kenya’s front yard. With the birth of goat baby 1 and 2 Thursday night, The Farm officially became a public space. People were drawn in, past the closed gate, past their sense of decorum, toward the little barn with the little beings. And how can you blame them, baby goats: tiny and precious,  sturdy and frisky. Irresistible. Okay, who doesn’t want a goat now? Goats all around!

In Love

June 10, 2010

I am in love with this house. Amazing neighborhood. Not remodeled. South facing side yard, huge back yard, decent front yard and tons of sun. Big porch. Garage. And raw, ready, my size. The owner died and left it to her children. One is in jail, one is schizophrenic and lives in the house, one is a drug addict, and one has cancer. I called the numbers on the For Sale sign, no response. I want to buy the house they have for sale. But I don’t know how to make that happen. Any ideas?


June 7, 2010

My little sister. Happy Birthday from Portland! I love you!! If only I could share my everyday with you and yours.

Vanilla cake, vanilla curd, vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, vanilla cake, vanilla curd, vanilla cake, vanilla frosting over the whole thing with raspberries and flowers!!!

Vitamin D

June 6, 2010

It is upsetting when Portland lives up to its reputation. It has rained twelve of the last fourteen days. Saturday featured a brief respite and everyone took advantage of the sun. Is there anything more fun than watching a steady and diverse stream of people file past? Anything as soothing as the steady drone of banal conversation? “Ooh, what about yellow shirt girl? Cute?” “Um, kinda. I like blond striped shirt.” “Yeah, of course. I saw her earlier. Great hair.” “I know. Should I cut my hair? I kinda want to.” “But your hair is so pretty. Want some almonds?”

The Real Deal

June 2, 2010

Exhausted. And so impressed… with model Skye Velten and photographer Allison Cekala. We eased into this one and I am as happy with the outcome as I was with the process. All in all, this collection was the most satisfying of my career.

Practice Run

June 1, 2010

I got into Portland last night. Before the sun went down on Memorial Day. And just in time for today’s practice run of the catalog photo shoot. We are lucky to have access to the house next door to Adam and John. Quite conveniently it stands empty at the moment while the owners figure out their next move. It was once the home of Maggie, Natalie and Coderre,  the three muses behind these designs and so it is fitting to use this house to depict, in a way, them.

Okay, so here we are. I’m setting the tone, sketching out her character. She sits, in a pointy roofed house, painted white, ruined by the weather, her view is of the long driveway where she looks for her love to … arrive, return, appear. She is patient and trusting. But don’t make her wait too long.

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