Zoo Concert

July 23, 2010

The Portland Zoo hosts a summer concert series. Wednesday night Luke and I took in a fantastic show by Mali musician Bassekou Kouyate. He plays the ngoni, an ancestor of the banjo, and he plays it like a rock star with one foot up on the speaker, eyes pinched and lips in a pout. His beautiful wife sings and sways and makes you feel proud to be a woman.

What a great date. To attend the concert you pay general admission to the zoo. After finding a spot on the grass and laying our blanket down, we had time to visit the animals, buy a bottle of wine, people watch and eat our cantaloupe. Good thing because once the music started we all crowded to the front and danced! How fun to be dancing, at 7pm, on a Wednesday, among kids and the call of elephants. And dancing with Luke is particularly enjoyable. That man can move!


Gimme Yr Clothes

July 21, 2010

This one had a few rules and regulations.

A handful of steely-eyed women gathered around the pile. There were truly terrible items (where do the I’ve-always-been-ugly jeans come from?) but overall the pickings looked much better than usual. Tension, unbroken by the offering of popcorn and berries. Someone makes a move before the bell. It has begun. Go go go!

This was a good one. Cheating! A few fights! Lines were drawn and lines were crossed. Themes emerged… seagull, lesbian, dreadlocks. And major scores were had: Maggie- maroon pants. Natalie- peach wool dress. Kenya- turquoise wool button up. Polly- coarse wool cardigan. Allison- light grey felted sweater. Chloe- embroidered blouse. Sarah- wife jeans. Me – short-sleeved gray sweatshirt. Adam Davies- Deerfield tank.

The Dress

July 20, 2010

This is a precious project. The fabric is sensitive, stains and wrinkles easily, and will show pin holes if I am not careful. Before handling it I wash my hands and wipe off the surface of my work table and sewing machine. Small mistakes can not be overlooked. Darts are hand sewn and seams are finished with a small bow of thread. I move forward tentatively, slowly, and with reverence. Weddings! We begin our approach with a healthy detachment but soon find ourselves bending to its will. I will be important, you will care deeply about every detail! And so I do. The dress is going to be beautiful.

Dear Suniti

July 17, 2010

My beloved yoga teacher and friend Suniti is getting married. I have a policy here at Filly, Inc. that stipulates no custom orders and absolutely no wedding dresses. So even though I was initially flattered when Suniti asked me to make her dress, I decided the wise thing would be to say no. I then spent the next two yoga classes thinking about her dress when I should have been “clearing my mind”. Suniti’s beauty is a thing to be reckoned with and I am excited to take all that she possesses and enhance it with linen, tulle, and black ribbon. I now consider myself lucky to be involved in this performance she is calling a wedding.


July 16, 2010

Josh’s mom came to lunch yesterday. I have not talked to her since Josh and I broke up three years ago. She and I love each other dearly and my departure was hard for both of us. So it came as a surprise to receive her call. I was so excited! I bustled around the house in the morning, cleaning and straightening and hoping she would be impressed. We sat out back and caught up over fava beans with a little salt and pepper and grilled squash on a bed of basil and balsamic vinegar. Fresh cherries and white wine to cleanse the palette. A toast, “To health.”


July 14, 2010

Sundays find Sarah behind the desk at Little Edie’s, the best little five n’ dime in the world. I honestly have never stepped into Edie’s without buying something. Last weekend it was a shallow-brimmed sun hat and a pair of vintage carnelian earrings that my Dad would wear if he were a woman.

Chillin’ and Grillin’ at the Simpsons. I needed this. I was sick the past week but tonight I felt well enough to lounge and chat with my dearest friends. And, of course, a ladies only gathering means amazing food and even more amazing revelations. To quote Peggy Guggenheim, “It was a night alive with romance, elopements, abductions, revenged passions, intrigues, adulteries, denoucements, unaccountable deaths, gambling and singing.”


July 8, 2010

Sarah. Sauvie Island July 2010

This was a summer day. Yoga at 7:30 am to beat the heat. Salad for breakfast. Picked raspberries by the basketful while sweat poured down the middle of my chest. Laid in the shade at the river and still felt hot enough to go for a swim.

And this was a summer night. I met friends for a potluck dinner that will go down in history as the night the mosquitos took over the earth. The combination of recent rains and soaring temperatures sent hundreds (thousands?) of mosquitos our way. A swarm. A swatting frenzy. The party ended,  at least for me, when Tim started blasting mosquitoes out of the air with a loud and obnoxious air gun.

4th of July

July 6, 2010

(photo courtesy of Jordan Hufnagel)

I spent the holiday weekend in Lyle, Washington. A small and humble vineyard agreed to host friends of friends for a two day music festival. We were treated to brilliant variations of folk in the small barn half way up the mountain. In the upper meadow we camped with a perfect view of Mount Hood. Fireworks were not allowed. Animals and humans were very happy.

For more pictures click here and here.

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