The Dress

July 20, 2010

This is a precious project. The fabric is sensitive, stains and wrinkles easily, and will show pin holes if I am not careful. Before handling it I wash my hands and wipe off the surface of my work table and sewing machine. Small mistakes can not be overlooked. Darts are hand sewn and seams are finished with a small bow of thread. I move forward tentatively, slowly, and with reverence. Weddings! We begin our approach with a healthy detachment but soon find ourselves bending to its will. I will be important, you will care deeply about every detail! And so I do. The dress is going to be beautiful.


2 Responses to “The Dress”

  1. Kate said

    My friend is a clothing designer. In 1996 I asked her to make my wedding dress but she was in Chicago and I was in San Luis Obispo. She had me measure myself while we talked on the phone. I was getting married on a Monday because 1, it was my mother’s birthday and 2, we were getting married at the county clerk’s office so it had to be a week day. The Saturday before the wedding the dress had not arrived. Very worried that I would not have a dress, I called my friend who assured me that the post office said it would deliver on a Sunday, she had only just finished it. Sure enough, the postman, an odd sight on a Sunday, brought my dress wrapped in a Hefty bag inside an envelope. I immediately tried it on. Like many of your clothes, it had no buttons or closures. Went on over my head. It was made out of antique linen tablecloths. Dyed with tea. One was Irish and had a Celtic knot right in the center of my chest. Damask. Perfect. Put it on the next morning and got married. I keep it hanging on the wall of my bedroom.

    • Oh so cool. I really thought I would not like making a wedding dress because it is stressful and somehow, too important for my utilitarian hands. But it is turning out to be incredibly moving- it feels heavy, traditional and loving. Thank you for your story. I can picture the dress and it sounds so lovely.

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