Bellingham FOF

September 18, 2010

Oooh Mama! This is my kind of living. I walked into a time machine and was transported back to Santa Cruz circa 2000. The little house. The young couple. The work. The community. The just-expired but still delicious food from the co-op plus crates of pears ripening on the back porch, home-made sauerkraut, raw goat milk and yogurt, dried plums in a huge mason jar, and fresh eggs from the turkey, duck and crew of chickens working hard in the back yard. The young couple might not be considered rich but if you are lucky enough to step into their lives for a couple of days you realize just how much they have.
I knew Annie’s league of women-folk would be super rad. Strong, smart, warm, and so naturally lovely. It was a pleasure.

Bellingham, you’ve got a good thing going.


One Response to “Bellingham FOF”

  1. k a t said

    And that’s why I get that sparkle in my eye when I hear mention of Bellingham. Glad the tour is a continuing success!

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