Eugene FOF

September 22, 2010

On Monday night Sarah and I drove into the town of Eugene and landed in the home of Jaylene and Jarrett. Yellow house, yellow flowers, little old Datsun truck in the driveway. Blueberry bushes the size of trees. The ghost of a 40 pound turkey. Advanced origami. Magic. A seamstresses’ lisp. Nipples, we can see them. Squirrel in a zip lock bag. Peels of laughter. Up too late to ride to work.
And yes, the FOF happened. Jaylene set out a platter of Stash Tea, Theo Chocolate and homemade honey cookies. We thoroughly enjoyed the company of neighbors, friends and fellow teachers and it was wonderful and satisfying to see the female form look so good.
When I was planning the tour Jaylene told us we could spend the night if needed. I ran this by Luke…” I might be too tired to socialize. I might want to camp. I can be shy…” Luke, the man who toured for two years straight, suggested I take her up on her offer- be out in the world, connect with people! And now all I can think about is how much I miss Jaylene and Jarrett.


One Response to “Eugene FOF”

  1. Jaylene said

    We miss you and Sarah and Bello too! Come back and visit again.

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