January 27, 2011

Okay here it is. This is how I feel. Today.
Luke is right, it’s a great job. But it’s still a fucking job. And sometimes you really don’t want to go in to work.


6 Responses to “Anymore”

  1. karla freund said

    Take some time off…maybe you don’t want to make clothes anymore when all is said and done. It is o.k. Love your blog, your thoughts and you! Whatever you take on will support you.

  2. d said

    most people in the world and this country want to work , and they are not able to.
    you need to grow up and act like an adult.

  3. I think it’s incredibly brave for you to put this out there, especially knowing how judgmental and small-minded some people can be.

    Of course you are exceedingly grateful for what you have, of course you are well aware of your privileged position with your job. Anyone who reads this blog knows that.

    And as a fellow small business woman, I also know how running your own creative enterprise can wring you out, run you down, and sometimes be incredibly dispiriting.

    I think it’s quite generous that you are willing to explore those feelings in a public forum–In addition to being very interesting, I’m sure your post has validated the conflicted emotions of many artisans.

  4. Kat said

    Yes, we all have to be adults and yes, we should all appreciate having a job. But it really is okay to be honest with your feelings too right? We can’t all be happy happy joy joy every minute of our lives. If we were, we wouldn’t truly appreciate the good times, or how the not so good times help us grow.
    One other thought. We’re all on a journey and none of us have a clue where that journey will lead us. Don’t disregard ceramics as a childish fantasy life – it could be your ultimate calling, it could be a tool to help you become a better designer, it could be something to help you become a better person. Either way, if you enjoy it, sod the guilt.

  5. mom said

    The paper in the pic where you have written “I don’t want to make clothes anymore” has shadows and textures like a real female abdomen.

  6. miss james said

    your refreshing openness during times of difficulty is part and parcel to BEING GROWN-UP. i admire you deeply for sharing the ups and downs of your process with your readers. these moments of catharsis are a vital part of the process and are at times necessary for growth as a human (and designing human). keep being exactly who you are– a wonderful mix of grown-up, and wide-eyed child. and by god, woman, keep sharing!

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