The Night

February 25, 2011

Jesus that was stressful. There is so much to say but we are about to get in the car and head south toward Whidbey Island to meet my Gramma and relax a bit.
More to come. So much more.

On Our Way

February 22, 2011

Vancouver, here we come!


February 22, 2011

I spent the evening fixing, fine tuning, and remaking items. I think it looks good now. Not what I expected but good in a new way.

In related but unrelated news, I was just informed that the shoes I requested have been sourced. That’s right- they sourced shoes for me according to my description. We get to take five pairs to use for the day. Working with Canadians has been a dream.

Take A Deep Breath

February 22, 2011

The samples just arrived and they are not great. The colors are not what I expected and the fabric takes on an odd texture when dyed. Ironically it all looks very eco and not in a good way. In a Hemp Traders way.
There are reasons to rush a collection and I actually like the state of mind a deadline puts me in. However, there is also something to be said for taking your time. Test your dye colors, give the manufacturer plenty of time to sew with precision, avoid overnight shipping costs… the list goes on and on.
I am excited to be going and it will be a wonderful experience. But right now, with a runway looming before me, I am saddened to put my name on clothing that could have been better.

Between You and Me

February 21, 2011

Psst. Everything is working out perfectly. Luke’s friend Gabe lives in Vancouver with his wife Aja. Gabe is out of town but thankfully Aja doesn’t mind us interrupting her quiet time. In fact, she studied fashion in college and is excited to come see the show! And, to top it off, Bello gets to come. The clothes arrive on Tuesday… the day we leave. So we’ll have everything packed up and ready to go when UPS shows up. Bello will get a biscuit from the delivery man and we’ll be on our way!
I hope the good luck keeps up!

Clay Lady

February 20, 2011

While I wait for my manufacturer to make the show samples, I am spending time in the ceramics lab. Pieces are starting to come out of the bisque fire and are ready for glaze. On Tuesday night I worked on a number of items, glazing, applying oxides, making test tiles… but one piece I did not have time to finish. A crouched nude figure. She is part of a series of figures that will be in a gallery show in May. I put her back, behind another shelf where she would be safe. On Thursday she was gone. Stolen! By a fellow student! I am so pissed! And violated! But mostly I just want her back.
Thankfully Natalie and Sarah are also taking ceramics. Because right now I pretty much despise and suspect everyone else.


February 17, 2011

I seem to be sharing a creative brain with the French label Sessun. I mean, we basically made the same pants and spoiler alert, a very similar top will be gracing the runway in Vancouver. Cool, I feel just a little bit more French today.

And thank you to the blog Clever Nettle for bringing them to my attention.


February 17, 2011

Dakary is one of five models booked for my show on the 24th. God she’s rad.
I have a fitting scheduled the day before at 11am with all five models, the runway choreographer and my assigned clothing changer. Each girl will wear three looks.
Have I already mentioned how fun this is?

You May Pass

February 17, 2011

I spent the day in Seattle.
I needed a passport and the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building was the closest facility. My appointment was scheduled for 11am. At 11:15 I would be turned away.
So to be extra safe I left the house at 6:30. And I was definitely on time… but the address I had was for another 915 2nd Ave. The wrong one. A townhouse.
While I was rushing across town I realized I didn’t have my ID. I could picture it in the blue smock I wore to get a drink with Luke on Valentines Day.
Panicked, I hustled inside.
The guards operating the metal detector in the lobby wouldn’t allow me in the building. Not without current photo documentation. I dropped my face to my hands and collapsed against a pillar and he took mercy on me. He called for someone to come meet me outside. And she did and she was nice. As long as my housemate emailed her a photo of my ID by 2pm, she would process my request. “Go take a walk and we’ll have your passport ready in five hours. No, if we send it in the mail it’ll take a business week. And Monday is a holiday for us.”
Okay Bello, e’ve got some time to kill, put on your walkin shoes and lets check out the neighborhood…
Incredible traffic and a five car pile up put me back at home at 8pm.
I literally inhaled peanut butter the second I walked in the door.
BUT, now I can travel to Canada!


February 16, 2011

Valentines Day… what do you really do to celebrate it properly? Host a folk concert! The lovely Vikesh Kapoor serenaded us with a beautiful array of heartfelt melodies. I have a crush on him- not a kissing crush but certainly a person crush. Such an impressive fella.
Three more performers – talented! swoon-worthy! and 80 little cupcakes from Maggie’s work created a sweet and lovely evening.


February 14, 2011

I just got permission to use Arthur Russell’s This is how we walk on the Moon for my runway debut. It was Luke’s idea and I think he nailed it. What a perfect song. But he’s going to have to loop it to elongate the song to over fifteen minutes, the time estimated for fifteen looks. Apparently the runway is 60 feet long and so each look will take about a minute to show.
I have been keeping a list of possible runway songs for as long as I can remember, knowing, somehow, that it would come in handy.
I am actually realizing a childhood dream here!


February 13, 2011

oh my god. I am still so tired. Last night, with only twenty minutes to spare, I dropped off my precious box at Fedex for the last possible overnighted delivery to the Bay Area.
I’m so tired that I did child’s pose through most of yoga this morning. So tired that I actually returned to child’s pose in the shower when I got home. So tired that I crawled into bed at 2pm and was only roused by Sarah’s plan to cut out Valentine’s hearts by the fire. So tired that I found my bed again at 10:30 and slept like a log.

Cut Up

February 12, 2011

Working to finish the second half… and it’s the hard part. Dresses are easy, it’s the separates: pants, skirts and tops, that draw on one’s creative strengths. If done right they pull everything together.

And so I try and try to get it right. Not just get it done. Many ugly and ill-fitting patterns did not make the cut.

Model with a capital M

February 11, 2011

This is so crazy. My little clothes are going to be gracing an actual catwalk on actual, goodness gracious, real professional models. I was directed to the three agencies that will be providing girls and asked to state my preference before the upcoming casting call. I couldn’t get past the first three women before I was completely flushed and in disbelief. Is this happening? What will Filly look like on a woman like that? Will it even be a good thing? Will it just be weird? God I hope it’s not weird.


February 10, 2011

Eleven dresses were shipped Tuesday night to my manufacturer in the Bay Area. I made eleven dresses in five days! And just when I thought I could relax a little I realized that I have only two and a half days to complete the rest of the collection.
Underneath all this adrenaline I am very tired but that’s okay. It’s totally worth it.

Go Emy Go

February 6, 2011

Last night I walked Bello to the nearest coffee shop. I was thrilled to be out of the studio. On the walk back I wanted to run. Over a tall Ameicano I counted at least twelve items I still needed to make. To have show quality samples by the time I leave for Vancouver, I need to send the patterns and designs to my manufacturer in the Bay Area this week. Half the patterns on Tuesday, the rest on Thursday. Overwhelming? Yes. Possible? Yes Yes! Amazing? Yes Yes Yes! I feel so alive!

All Day

February 5, 2011

I was in the studio for fourteen hours yesterday. Up again at 7 am this morning. The good news is that everything is rolling right along.
A couple of people have pointed out that I am in a real life version of Project Runway. Canadian Project Runway. Which Luke thinks is actually a pretty good show.

Stress = Squinty Eyes

February 4, 2011

This is what I looked like the last time I crammed for a fashion deadline. That summer I made an entire collection in ten days. My eyes were practically swollen shut by the end. I am not sure why my body response to stress in this way but I can feel my eyes getting more squinty by the day.

This is also what I looked like as a seven year old with a wheat and dairy allergy after eating cereal at Christie’s.


February 3, 2011

An email arrived on Tuesday. It was from Ashleigh on behalf of Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver, Canada. I had to read it over a couple of times.
Hello Emily, I am the Program Coordinator for Eco Fashion Week.
I would love to invite you to show your line in Vancouver February 23rd or 24th. Through great sponsorship from the city and other companies we are able to offer you the show for $200.
So the show would involve:

* 15 looks
* Unique Hair + Make up by AVEDA
* Artistic and Music Direction
* 400 person show attendance (Buyers, Media, VIPS)
* Tradeshow Booth on the 25th

Looking forward to your reply.

I have not yet sewn a thing for Fall 2011. Not one thing. I’ve been circling around the idea of designing… collecting fabric samples, jotting down shapes and cuts… but no actual construction.
The show is on the 23rd. The show. The 23rd.
I don’t know if this is humanly possible. But I’m going to try.
I apologize right now for not calling anyone back until the 24th.

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