Go Emy Go

February 6, 2011

Last night I walked Bello to the nearest coffee shop. I was thrilled to be out of the studio. On the walk back I wanted to run. Over a tall Ameicano I counted at least twelve items I still needed to make. To have show quality samples by the time I leave for Vancouver, I need to send the patterns and designs to my manufacturer in the Bay Area this week. Half the patterns on Tuesday, the rest on Thursday. Overwhelming? Yes. Possible? Yes Yes! Amazing? Yes Yes Yes! I feel so alive!


2 Responses to “Go Emy Go”

  1. Mahala said

    Don’t forget that you have family in Vancouver if you need help with anything. my sister and family are there.

  2. jessie stevens hess said

    I am soooo cheering you on! Thanks for sharing the excitement.


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