March 10, 2011

Tomorrow morning a photographer from Apartment Therapy’s green home blog, Re-Nest is coming over to shoot my studio and home. I just completed the “Green Tour” questionnaire. Have you ever inventoried your home? And not just, should we give this old thing to goodwill, no I love it still. They want to know what appliances I have and where I bought them. What type of hardware? What about the artwork?
I really started to think about the objects I surround myself with. Some I do love and want with me. They are investments and will stand with me my whole life. The Kilim rug from my Father. The red clock from my Gramma. The plant stands and ceramic pots. The horseshoe from Eastern Europe.
Others items are just here. They weren’t chosen, they just showed up. And that’s okay. I’m just getting started on building the perfect home.

I wonder how this happened… this house tour angle of my life. This will be the third professional photographer to capture this old house on film. It’s so fun!

Re-Nest Survey

Years lived in:
Our style:
Favorite Element:
Biggest Challenge:
What Friends Say:
Proudest DIY:
Biggest Indulgence:
Best Advice:
Green Elements/Initiatives:
Rugs and Carpets:
Tiles and Stone:
Window Treatments:


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