April 12, 2011

I am going to write this post and get on with my day. It has been a hard morning.

Last night I decided to cancel Bello’s appointment. I was in a literal panic at around 12:30am and didn’t know what to do. The idea of sending Bello in to have his abdomen cut open and an organ removed seemed like the wrong decision. He is old and his body is expressing fatigue in many ways. The lump on his spleen is just one of them. To sign him up for major surgery at this stage feels aggressive and crude. It feels misplaced. If I am putting quality of life first, then he would rather take a trip to Salty Dog for a rawhide (which is what we are doing today instead).

Josh and I got Soupy and Bello when we were in our mid-twenties. We took them into our lives as if they were our children. We have loved them with all our might and then some. They are more than dogs. They are our family. And they led us to become better people.

So Bello has a mass on his spleen. ok. I will love that part of him too. He is whole today, round, furry and in my bed staring at me instead of in the hospital.
Today we are together.


4 Responses to “Family”

  1. Anna said

    You know what’s best for your sweet boy. So glad he’s with you today.

  2. Georgina said

    I’m sure that you know what is best for him, even though it is a horrible decision to have to make. I can imagine choosing to avoid surgery for our eldest cat – I would want to spare her the stress and confusion of an operation. Our animals are a cherished part of our family too – companions, not pets. I hope that you and Bello have a wonderfully peaceful day together.

    All best wishes and hope to you.

    • We had a super day. It was sunny and we rode the bike (and trailer) around town to pick up treats for him. A homeopathic remedy and a fresh bone. The rest of the day was spent in the yard, him happily licking marrow and me happily digging in the dirt. I feel good about my decision- at least for today. Thank you for your kind wishes.

  3. Sarahbeth said

    I too decided against surgery for my 5 year old Vegadog. It is about quality of life, what’s best for them and what they’ll understand. It’s also about what your gut says. I’m thinking of you guys – I know how hard it is to consider the loss of one you hold so dear. Blessings to you both.

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