Way Back

May 4, 2011

I just read a top ten list of the lowest paid college majors. Fashion Design came in at number 5, followed by Child and Family Studies (my sister’s field) at number 6 and Music (Luke’s focus) at number 7. Now you tell me! If I had known I would certainly have chosen finance or consulting instead. I just didn’t read the right list at the right time. Because it’s all about money right?
I didn’t choose Fashion, it chose me.


4 Responses to “Way Back”

  1. natalie said

    Ya finance and consulting was number two on my list. Shucks if only I had known! (HaHa)

  2. Colleen said

    Was Greek & Latin on that list? 😉

    • The List:
      1. Journalism
      2. Horticulture
      3. Agriculture
      4. Advertising
      5. Fashion Design
      6. Child and Family Studies
      7. Music
      8. Mechanical-Engineering Technology
      9. Chemistry
      10. Nutrition

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