Ceramic Wall Advice…

May 14, 2011

At the end of the month I will be showing ceramic work at The Together Gallery . Mounted on the wall, behind the various naked women and porcelain sheep, will be a ceramic mosaic. Last night I spent many hours arranging and rearranging the tiles.
Which one do you like the most?


6 Responses to “Ceramic Wall Advice…”

  1. MON said

    they are all nice! but I like the second and seventh the most. Why? because of the balance between circles, rectangles, colours…

  2. Ayni said

    3 4 6 and 7. overall = amazing. so excited. xo

  3. amanda said

    #2… i like the more angular top row overall. #2 has a nice full moon on the rise feel.
    i am sure the outcome will be perfect, you seem to have a knack for that…

  4. jessie stevens hess said

    i am drawn to #1 and #2…. I had to gaze a good long while to decide.


  5. chelsea root said

    I like #2 the most.

  6. Jenny Day said

    I think 6. But I like them all. Very interesting.

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