August 19, 2011


I am a time traveler. All fashion designers are. It is summer, and this weekend I will frolic in the water and sleep under the stars at a music festival hosted by my friends at Helsing Junction Farm. My body will feel the heat of August but my mind will be pricked with the chill of winter. Because on the day after I get home, Allison and I are shooting the catalog for the 2011 Holiday Collection.
As I lay in my tent and watch even the shy stars show themselves, I will be thinking of velvet, of castles, of ivory skin and cheeks flushed with the cold. This precious summer is already two seasons ago.


2 Responses to “Burr”

  1. anja said

    Maybe I’ll see you there! We just got our tickets, really looking forward to more camping.

  2. emily said

    I’ll be working the food stand so I’ll definitely see you! Yay!

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