It Happened

October 24, 2011

Tonight I made acorn squash soup in chicken stock with Cherimoya chillies and molasses. Blended.
I wanted to tell Luke I bought a chicken. He liked it when I ate meat. I wanted to invite him over to share this meal. I wanted to see him. I want to see you, if you’re reading this. But I think you are not. Every point of contact has been severed.
I have refrained from talking about my break-up. Our dissolution is ours alone. Even though I have wanted to shout, in words, in this journal, how much I missed him. How I miss him everyday. I miss you everyday.
But I am not supposed to reach out to him. Is this reaching? Let him be, if you truly love him. Keep away, disappear. It will be just like it never happened…


One Response to “It Happened”

  1. I read this. I love reading what you write and seeing your pictures. And the clothing you make is lovely too. I’m sorry you’re eating alone. I hate eating alone. But you do have company in your blog and many people await all of your new creations.

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