Friends of the Filly, Fall 2011 Tour

October 31, 2011

Get Ready! The Fall 2011 Friends of Filly Tour is coming up!
(If you are confused and don’t know what the hell a Friends of Filly is… click here)
(If your city is not on the list but you live nearby and want to host, email me
(If your city is not on the list and you don’t live anywhere near me… email me anyway let me know you’d like to host someday soon)

Fall 2011 Tour Dates, Times, Places

Thursday, November 10th
My House
5335 NE Mallory Avenue
Portland, OR 97211

Friday, Novemeber 11th
Marissa’s House
17121 Hillside Dr. NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Saturday, November 12th
Annie’s House
1601 E. Street
Belingham, WA 98225

Seattle #2
Sunday, November 13th
Aubrey’s House
2231 3rd Ave West
Seattle, WA 98119

Sunday, November 13th
Kaytlin’s House
400 Rogers Street, NW
Olympia, WA 98502


2 Responses to “Friends of the Filly, Fall 2011 Tour”

  1. M Violetta said

    Oh that looks like wonderful fun! I’m a little far away perhaps…. Australia. Maybe One Day

  2. jenny said

    what a lovely image you chose. you are always welcome to tour in arizona- although it is a little far.

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