February 5, 2012

No, not that kind of proposal. A job proposal. From the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. As in, please submit a class description by next week if you want to teach here. No more information. I am supposed to come up with something…

I’ve got myself all set up, in my office on the bed, in order to write this class description. The class will combine the technical profundity of craft with the cultural relevancy of fashion. Students will learn how to expand and express their individual talents in the context of wearability, producibility, marketability and trend. I think it could be a good class even for those not interested in “going into fashion” because it will teach students to create art that considers others. And this responsibility can actually create a very strong body of work. Boundaries. They are sometimes very inspiring.


2 Responses to “Proposal”

  1. […] am going to teach at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. I’m teaching a class I designed and proposed last spring. I have never taught it before, except in my mind to the imaginary audience that watches my every […]

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