To Be Here

February 13, 2012

On the way home from the grocery store I stopped for a glass of wine. It was 5pm and grey and Bello was content to rest. I sipped and sketched and sipped and stared out the window. I felt sad, whats new. But I was aware that it was the put on kind of sadness. And really, not sadness, just contemplation. That made me smile and inwardly laugh at my temperament and tendencies. I felt thankful that I have the freedom to indulge myself in the ways that I do. What a good, sad, wonderful time to be here.


3 Responses to “To Be Here”

  1. amanda said

    It’s what I call toe-tapping sad, and it makes the best kind-of song (or dress).
    happy sad valentines.

  2. Jenny said

    Do you mean your drama’s a bit tongue in cheek??

  3. […] commented on the To Be Here post regarding sadness. She asked if the drama was a bit tongue and […]

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