Spring, Almost

February 29, 2012

The last couple of weeks we have seen clear blue skies. I spent time in the basement pulling transitional pieces from my clothing storage. I am thinking about where in the yard I will plant peas.

Marit, my model for Spring 2012, just stopped in for a cup of strong coffee. Afterward she tried on the Spring style mock-ups for the last time. The final fitting. Yay!

Spring 2012, coming out in April! Summer 2012 coming out in June!


2 Responses to “Spring, Almost”

  1. emily said

    Looking at this photo gives me the feeling of hiding underneath a blanket fort…of having a special, secret place…feeling full of pride for having built it and taking comfort in its seclusion and rich color.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us everyday.

  2. julie said

    Oh wow, spring Filly. Another thing to look forward to upon our return to Portland. Filly has gone the extra mile here. So simply beautiful and comfortable. Thank you!

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