A Day For Photos

March 31, 2012

The big day. Catalog shoot for Spring 2012. Phew, it happened.
Sarah picked me up at Gramma’s in a white Dodge farm truck with a clothes steamer lying on its side in the back. We were nervous. Maybe just anxious. It is so important for it to go well. No matter how good the designs are, no mater how well I sewed the samples, it all comes down to the photos.
Thankfully the gods were on our side. It was a beautiful day, everyone was on time, the clothes looked amazing, the model was stunning, the photographer gifted, the make-up artist exacting, the filmmaker visionary, and the stylist, my beloved Sarah, was a woman in charge. Within the first half hour I knew it was going to go well. In fact I actually relaxed a bit and trusted everyone to do what they were here to do. Trusted that they would do it right. I steamed clothes, washed dishes, arranged rooms, cleaned up, held extra lenses, and basically kept my mouth shut. Except for when my mom delivered food mid-way through the day.
Yes I was exhausted by the end of the day. Yes I felt like I had held my breath for seven hours. And yes, the footage is incredible! Official photos to come.

Week’s End

March 29, 2012

The week is coming to an end. My Week With Gramma. So similar to the Marilyn movie: a white-haired star and her doting companion. Even when I was a child and tried to spend as much time as I could over at Gramma’s, we never spent this much time. This is unprecedented. We have let the niceties go, the polite exchanges and charming stories. We are housemates and often sit in silence or eat separately. Our bodies dance and rotate through the corridors of the house; touching, avoiding, familiar with each other’s habits. She rubs a natural Vics smelling ointment on my shoulders before she goes to bed. I sit at her feet and lean back against her legs and stay pressed against her long after she has finished.

I know I don’t have to leave. But I am still sad that I will go. The lure of friends and the convenience of town is too strong to resist. My work is done. The week is gone.

FOF for Spring

March 28, 2012

Friends… come over! (if you live in or near Santa Cruz)
It’s time for a Friends of Filly!

Two options:
Sunday, April 1st @ 3040 Santa Fe court- off 30th Ave
12pm – 3pm
& / or
Sunday, April 15th @ 241 Berkeley Way
12pm – 3pm

Spring styles from the last four years. It’s good.

Last Stitch

March 27, 2012

Friends, I hate to brag… actually, I’m not bragging, I’m simply admiring. The Spring 2012 collection is really beautiful! I will post photos this Friday after the shoot.
Right now I am sitting at the little kitchen table. Hanging from the blinds and blocking out the morning light are the dresses, tops and skirts. My Gramma sits in a white terry cloth robe. She is just as proud of the collection as I am, having been with me each stitch of the way.

On Thursday I got in the car and drove south. With only the radio to distract me I climbed mountains and coasted into the valley. On Friday evening I saw the ocean. On Friday evening Bello saw the backside of a skunk. It was a long day.
Instead of staying with my Dad and Bonnie, like I normally do, I am out at my Gramma’s house. I have to sew the samples for the Spring 2012 catalog shoot taking place on the 30th and so I have isolated myself in order to focus. I have taken over the dinner table and generally made a mess but she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. We share a pot of coffee in the morning and a pot of beans in the afternoon. For dinner I make a ridiculously healthy meal (baked yam, steamed beet greens and raw carrots) and she loves it. I sew, we watch the news, she shouts at the telly defending Obama, I do too. In the morning, when she wakes up, there is a new dress hanging on the blinds, completed in the wee hours while she slept.
Things I have noticed:
She journals in a large lined notebook.
She knows a lot about basketball.
She gets many phone calls.
She always watches 60 minutes on Sunday night. But I already knew this one.

Delay, But Not Today

March 20, 2012

When I leave Oregon I will be packing my car full of Filly spring clothing. I will have a Friends of Filly in Santa Cruz and I also want to be able to ship from Shop.Filly. I figure most of you will be buying for warm weather and so I am leaving all fall items behind. I will not ship fall or winter items until the end of April when I return. So… if you’ve been thinking of purchasing from fall or winter, do so before I go! I leave on Thursday…

Santa Cruz Soon

March 19, 2012

Oh Santa Cruz.
Now that I am done with the Fall 2012 catalog shoot I have turned my attentions to the prospect of leaving, on Thursday, to spend a month in the Bay Area overseeing Spring 2012 production. I have a lot to do. I need to sew and clean and get the car looked at. I need to arrange the housesitter and meet my tax lady. I have to pack. And yet I already feel my mind shifting from Portland tasks to Santa Cruz and all of its complexities.
I am already picturing the colors:
Bright white of the sunlight
Coral sunsets
Bluest sky ever
Bleached cement
Faded pastel amusement rides
The perfect complimentary tone of beach sand
The slight year round tan on every face

Fall 2012 Photoshoot

March 19, 2012

It happened. Yesterday we met at Anja’s studio at 9. I laid flooring and hung paintings while Jenny and Anja tested stuff, Charlie prepped food, Caitlin sat for hair and make-up by Shontelle, and Sarah worked her magic, laughing and flirting with the model while simultaneously steaming the clothes and coordinating the looks.

Photoshoots are strange. I play an important role but I’m not sure exactly what it is. My actual work is done. But I am so used to working that I find myself lunging toward the next task only to realize there isn’t anything more for me to do. On photoshoot days it is time to let go and trust the team. I feel like the man pacing the floor outside the birthing room. Tense, worried, anxious, and not the one doing the work.
By the end of the day I had lunged toward the snack table enough times that all but one of the macadamia nut chocolates from Hawaii were gone. Meanwhile Anja, Jenny, Sarah, Caitlin, Charlie and Shontelle did what they do best. The photographs (and film!) are amazing.

Hands On

March 17, 2012

I am so delinquent. I’m sorry. I have not written in a long time.
Sometimes the blog is like that. I get out of step. After a couple of days of not posting I don’t even pull the blog up on my browser. I don’t want to see the same post, that giddy workbook post which I now can’t stand.
There is a reason, of course, why I have fallen off cyberworld. I’ve been in regular world, 24/7. That means everyday for 7 days. Which is so specific. And maybe accurate.

On Sunday we shoot the catalog for Fall 2012. The samples are being made by three different women in order to meet the deadline. And one of those women is me. So… gotta run! More, later, when the work is done!


March 8, 2012

Oh guys, I feel so good these days. I feel an even, simmering joy, directed at everything but dependent on nothing.
Balance, it’s like sun on the page.

The Pants!

March 7, 2012

(Filly Fall 2009, Adventure Pants)

“Trust me, French young ladies are still the ones to look to for the most aspirational new trends. The newest thing I’ve seen in the streets here in Paris are straight, wide leg jeans. Not flared or oversized jeans, but jeans with a wide leg hemmed right at the ankle and reasonably fitted at the waist. It seems simple, but in order to work the look just right the eye will have to adjust to this new proportion.”
The Sartorialist, March 2012

Sound Familiar? Filly-pant-wearers, you’re basically French now.

Social Media

March 2, 2012

So… I’m active in the social media community these days. These last three days. Ever since I met with Charlie on Tuesday and she directed me in the ways of Twitter, Instagram and of course, Facebook. That was also the day that a cute boy was in the cafe. Just sayin.
Charlie is my intern but it feels more like I am hers. She knows it all and is unashamed to use it. I am naturally adverse to self-promotion and participating in the newest trendy thing so I have shied away from SM except browsing FB once in a while and clicking to see what AU is up to. Wow, I sound like a pro already!
So, anyway, while I wait for the dal to finish cooking, I’ll share the following:
Filly on FB
Filly on Twitter
fillydesigns on Instagram (my favorite)

For more pictures and one liners.

The Feel

March 2, 2012

The spring print. Cut on the bias. Brushing against your bare legs.
You’re carrying a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and a thermos of coffee.

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