Social Media

March 2, 2012

So… I’m active in the social media community these days. These last three days. Ever since I met with Charlie on Tuesday and she directed me in the ways of Twitter, Instagram and of course, Facebook. That was also the day that a cute boy was in the cafe. Just sayin.
Charlie is my intern but it feels more like I am hers. She knows it all and is unashamed to use it. I am naturally adverse to self-promotion and participating in the newest trendy thing so I have shied away from SM except browsing FB once in a while and clicking to see what AU is up to. Wow, I sound like a pro already!
So, anyway, while I wait for the dal to finish cooking, I’ll share the following:
Filly on FB
Filly on Twitter
fillydesigns on Instagram (my favorite)

For more pictures and one liners.


2 Responses to “Social Media”

  1. stephanie said

    seems impossible to keep up with all of it……feeling inspired by your efforts!

    • It is a lot of work! But I’m getting better at it- more efficient, less embarrassed. It is much easier when I am acting as “Filly”. I will pretty much do anything on Filly’s behalf.

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