Looky See

April 9, 2012

The Spring 2012 catalog is up!
Shop.Filly will carry the styles within the week.

Tell me what you think…!


6 Responses to “Looky See”

  1. jessie said

    Emilie- LOVELY. Still loving the …Tuli skirt ( pockets!). Will
    it be possible to try these on at the Berkeley Way FOF?


  2. monica said

    Love these! Can’t wait until summer; these beauties are just what I want to wear in the sunshine! Beautiful work!

  3. ariana said

    Absolutely lovely, like a breath of fresh air from the first open window of the year. The photography, location and the model are perfection. The whole presentation has a sort of Virginia Woolf in California vibe. Brava.

  4. amanda said

    I can really feel the narrative quality of these pieces, which I like. You blended dreamy and flowy with structure beautifully.. I am most interested in the dress del mar. Makes me want to go dancing on a sailboat deck with a handsome sailor. The away top is quite lovely too, that one makes me want to run wild in a field.

    Spring dreamy…nailed it.

  5. lisa said

    Beautiful, Emily. I love the Del Mar dress. Masterfully casual tailoring. I see Wallis Simpson, updated.

  6. sara said

    i love the beautiful clothes you make!

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